15 perfect ideas for a small bedroom

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Anybody who tells you that a small space can't also be a suitably stunning and cozy bedroom is lying to you and we are on a mission to prove that today! Every talented interior designer in the world knows that the size of your room doesn't dictate how stylish it is, but when it comes to a bedroom, you need to be able to get all the storage and functionality that you want, plus a little chic design to boot, so how can you juggle these priorities? Come with us now, as we're about to show you!

Choose a brilliant headboard.

Who's looking at the bijou proportions of a pretty modern bedroom, when there is a massive and eye-catching headboard to stare at? Genius!

Use mirrors creatively.

You need a mirror in your bedroom, that much we know, but why not use it to create the look and feel of extra space? Flanking your bed with mirror panels will do exactly that!

Wood and white for freshness.

We absolutely love Scandinavian style bedrooms! The use of white and wood just gives them such a fresh and airy vibe that counteracts small proportions so well.

Remember that less is more.

If you don't have a lot of space to play with, don't be tempted to drown it out with lots of furniture and accessories. Only include what you absolutely need and maybe a little art!

Be modest with accents.

By all means, choose and accent color and use it in your small bedroom, but keep it under control! You want to highlight areas that are spacious, not drown out any remaining room with vibrant hues.

Showcase the textiles.

Your textiles play such an important role in a small bedroom, as all eyes will naturally be drawn to them. That's why you can definitely justify spending a little more on your bed linen and curtains!

Recess the lighting.

Sinking the ceiling lighting will give you access to a lot more perceived height in your bedroom, which in turn, will make the whole room feel more generous. Add a dimmer switch and you'll have some serious ambience too. 

Choose unusual materials.

If you want to create a feature wall in your bedroom, why not embrace some slightly more unusual materials and effects? If they are only going on one surface, you can afford to really go avant garde!

Wood on the walls is good.

Wood cladding is SUCH a pretty addition to any interior walls but especially small bedrooms, as it contributes to turning small proportions into a warm and cozy look. Charming!

Let in the light.

Natural light is critical for any small bedroom, as it will invigorate the space and reflect off any and all light surfaces to make the room feel far bigger. The mirrors here really help as well.

Get bold with your paint.

You don't need to be the next Picasso in order to get a little creative with your paint effects! In fact, all you really need is some masking tape and a free weekend, so start making a mood board now!

Add a work station.

You need to get as much bang for your buck in a small bedroom, so why not add a small desk and create a bedroom/home office arrangement? The dual functionality will instantly overshadow a small floor plan!

Grab onto neutrals.

Colors are key when decorating a small room, but in a bedroom, you need to be sure that you're getting the right sense of relaxation and calm. That's why neutrals are 100% the best choice for the main colors in your room.

Cool tones will relax you.

Blues and greens, alongside more neutral tones, are perfect for a small bedroom as they have a cool and fresh feel to them. They are also reminiscent of water, which always have a relaxing effect.

Embrace multifunctional design.

Finally, you need to make sure that every item of furniture in a small bedroom is offering maximum effectiveness, so don't shy away from items that can do more than one thing! A storage bed is definitely a good decision, but how about one that also houses a desk underneath? The possibilities are endless!

For some extra bedroom ideas, take a look at this article: 12 amazing bedroom designs!

Did you pick up any good ideas for your small bedroom here?

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