15 interior designs for those living alone

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【Renotta】求めるままに組み替えられる部屋, 株式会社クラスコデザインスタジオ 株式会社クラスコデザインスタジオ Modern Living Room
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The number of single people living alone has significantly increased over the past decades, and might even become one of the most prevalent types of household in the society. It is very common nowadays to find single individuals living alone, particularly those below their 40s. Due to this emerging phenomenon, changes in lifestyles and interests will likely occur subsequently. Interior design is one factor. To assist you in creating the most comfortable and pleasant one-person apartment, we have 15 ideas for you. Keep reading!

1. Area separated according to its use

築地・ROOM・H(TSUKIJI・ROOM・H), 吉田裕一建築設計事務所 吉田裕一建築設計事務所 Modern Bedroom

Designed by Japanese architect 吉田裕一建築設計事務所, an original office space was transformed into this amazing single studio. The area is nicely separated into the kitchen and the bedroom, matched with bright natural colors of wood to set off a cozy feel. The space under the bed can also be used for storage to keep the overall outlook clean and tidy.

2. Cozy cafe-like interior

木、アイアン、打ちっぱなし。素材感が映えるヴィンテージ空間, 株式会社スタイル工房 株式会社スタイル工房

This apartment was remodelled with a concrete ceiling and hardwood flooring. The workspace, which can be hidden behind the wooden sliding door, is separated from the living room by a long fabric couch. It gives the area a greater sense of openness. The kitchen space also resembles a cafe due to its modern pendant lighting and white tiles.

3. Spacious interior with freedom

90平米のワンルーム, HOUSETRAD CO.,LTD HOUSETRAD CO.,LTD Living room

Renovated by interior architect HOUSETRAD Co. Ltd based in Tokyo, this spacious studio apartment is one big open area with a semi-open fence that vaguely separates the bedroom. It is perfect for those who enjoy the freedom of movement, and are looking for a more flexible living space.

4. Layout with a sense of openness & separation

otokonoshiro, nuリノベーション nuリノベーション Living room

This interior design by NUリノベーション adopted the white color scheme to give off a bright and clean impression. One side is the working space, another side is the kitchen, further in is the living room, and the enclosed area behind the couch is the bedroom. This smart design takes good advantage of the open layout by segregating each functional space precisely.

5. Interior with flexibly functional space compartments

【Renotta】求めるままに組み替えられる部屋, 株式会社クラスコデザインスタジオ 株式会社クラスコデザインスタジオ Modern Living Room

The flooring of this studio is lined with wooden panels which can be flexibly removed or rearranged. The rest of the space is decorated with wooden furnitures to add a greater touch of warmth. It is furnished in a unique and modern style.

6. Natural and cozy interior

【LWH002】 自分らしく暮しを楽しむ小さな家, 志田建築設計事務所 志田建築設計事務所 Industrial style dining room

The first floor consists of the kitchen and dining area, while the second floor is the living room. The wooden beams, floorings and staircases contribute to the nature and cozy vibe. The selected furnitures also produce a pleasant feel of comfortness, along with a large potted plant near the window to add a bit of vitality in the room.

7. Vintage interior

築古木造アパートリノベーション, みなやまくみこ.com みなやまくみこ.com

Japanese architect みなやまくみこ.COM remodeled this tiny studio with a vintage touch. A new charm is created just by changing the color and material of the walls. If you are confident in DIY, you can even work on the wallpaper and tiles on your own!

8. Interior with simple decor

お一人様の贅沢, 高嶋設計事務所/恵星建設株式会社 高嶋設計事務所/恵星建設株式会社 Living room Brown

Combined with different types of wood, the flooring of this single home provides a nice contrast to its interior. The house is completed with ceiling track lightings, a family leather couch and a small glass table which resembles a home-cafe.

9. Interior with a unique blend of contrary atmospheres

元浅草の住居, 蘆田暢人建築設計事務所 ​Ashida Architect & Associates 蘆田暢人建築設計事務所 ​Ashida Architect & Associates Rustic style dining room

Above is a renovation project by Tokyo architects ASHIDA ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES. The bedroom is separated using wood partitions, leaving small gaps in between each wood piece. The purpose is to give a sense of openness. The rest of the studio is finished with a wooden table and concrete walls, contrasted by vintage furnitures to create this harmonious atmosphere.

10. Interior with an isolated office space


There are a lot of people who work at home-based offices as freelancers or telecommuting workers. You can simply place a desk in the middle of your open studio, but it might be difficult to concentrate while being surrounded by other things. So by dividing the area with a thin wall that allows half of the table to be isolated, it can serve as a nice work space for you to focus, while saving up costs for an extra table!

11. Eclectic interior

武蔵新田のリノベーション, office echo office echo

OFFICE ECHO has created this eclectic interior that basically allows you to decorate your house however you want. It is complemented by a colorful hammock, large plants and unique lighting, which are the sources to this contemporary and hip apartment.

12. Cold industrial interior

9 cross, ATELIER A+A ATELIER A+A Modern Media Room

Designed by ATELIER A+A, this place is a shared unit with an industrial look. Finished with concrete walls, simple floorings, plain ceilings and minimalist furniture, the unit brings out a rather cold feeling but a maximum appeal of space.

13. Interior that maximizes storage space

柳崎の住宅, 一級建築士事務所co-designstudio 一級建築士事務所co-designstudio Modern Bedroom

Most of the apartments we’ve seen are not large. Hence, it is a smart move to consider using the floor as additional storage space. By building an extra layer of platform, more area is created underneath the flooring for storage. This might be wiser than buying new cabinets and drawers!

14. Interior with a simple yet warm feeling

シェアHOUSE nid, おうちカンパニー おうちカンパニー Colonial style conservatory

Simplicity is beauty. But if you don’t want it to be too plain, consider using natural materials like wood. The bed, desk, stool and wall are all made of wooden materials, which add a warm cozy feeling to the room.

15. Interior with a funky taste

ビンテージマンションを自分色に, 株式会社スタイル工房 株式会社スタイル工房

If you are someone who are fond of furnitures with funky designs, why not creating a space where you can put them all in one area? Build your home with various furniture, color and style of your choice!

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