15 staircases that are perfect for small spaces

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Stairs that occupy little space, are an absolute godsend for more modest homes, but you don't need to simply leave your design to your team of architects! We want to give you a little help, so have found 15 stylish modern stair designs to show you today, in a bid to get you in the right mindset before making any final decisions! From multifunctional installations that mimic chic industrial home offices through to types of stairs that occupy little spaces and almost blend seamlessly into the background, we think we've found a fabulous selection to get you up to speed, so let's take a look!

10. Out of sight!

The stairs here might be slim but they are also basically invisible, as a floating wall has been installed to camouflage them. It really helps to make an architectural necessity less of a standout feature.

9. Blended harmony.

Why do these stairs work so well? because they are the same color as the background wall, meaning that they gently disappear! Plus, let's not overlook all that handy storage space underneath!

8. For the kids.

If you want some stairs but also need extra cool parent points, this is the design for you! A slim set of steps has been installed, with the under-area transformed into a sweet little play area. Talk about getting more bang for your buck!

7. All in the details.

these stairs work so well in a small home as the white sides help to minimise the profile. Wooden treads add in a level of sophisticated style and then the wall lights finish the look perfectly and add some useful elements as well.

5. Hug the wall.

This staircase almost has a 2D feel to it! That's because it has been fitted so snugly against the wall, to create a slim profile. Mounted against a pale wall, it looks great, but doesn't feel too all-encompassing.

4. A steeper climb.

The steeper the angle, the smaller your staircase can be and the less it will jut out into the wider room and swallow up space. This black metal design is so contemporary and minimal but has no loss of function either.

3. Pared back prettiness.

Simple solutions are so often best, especially when you have limited space to play with, which is why this stripped wood ladder staircase is such a treat. It just needs so little room!

2. Follow the angles.

The open-ended and cantilevered style of this design has made it so minimal and unobtrusive! You'd barely know it is there if it wasn't for the wood contrast!

1. Fold up and hide away.

Staircases for second floors in little spaces don't get much more common sense than this idea! transforming loft ladders are an amazing way to get all the function you need but can be simply folded out of sight and totally hidden when you'd rather enjoy clear walkways. Genius!

11. Sweeping lines.

Thanks to a tightly curved design, this dark wood staircase doesn't take up an iota of space that it shouldn't. By leaving the underside open, there is such a sense of airiness too.

12. All-out industrialism.

Glass walls and cantilevered treads have turned a must-have item for any two or more storey home into a work of art here and with so little in the way of structure, this design would work phenomenally well in a smaller property.

13. Part of the furniture.

We hadn't really considered carving stairs, but these ones have convinced us that it is more than a simply viable idea! They look so natural here and don't seek to distract from any other features, which works well when space is in short supply.

14. Spiralling into success.

When it comes to how to make a staircase in little space, helix-shaped varieties have been doing great work for decades and you can see why! Tiny, self-contained and yet terrifically chic and beautiful, they just add a certain something!

15. Disguise and distract.

Now this is an idea we can get onboard with in our smaller houses! Instead of worrying too much about the stairs themselves, how about adding a really eye-catching feature behind them? The open tread design here lets as much of the green wall peek through as possible and looks great!

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6. With added usefulness.

Now this staircase, interior little space aside, is a hugely genius design. Instead of simply finding enough room for a set of stairs, the stairs themselves have been turned into handy storage cubbies, as well as a desk. If you don't love this, we will be very surprised.

Which of these staircases did you like best and why?

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