How to apply Feng Shui in interior design?

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In order to apply Feng Shui to the entrance of a home, architects and contractors have previously chosen natural wood for doors. However, today the owner also has a choice of glass doors to help expand the space, highlighting the items in the interior space and making the house brighter with natural light. Glass doors can be set to  the main door quite easily and nicely. 

1. How to apply Feng Shui to doors?

Glass doors

Glass doors are great for Feng Shui, however they are usually colorless, and you need to add some multi-coloured shelves or any other furnishing or decorations you prefer to give more colour and energy to the family home. 

If the door looks east or northeast, the steps should be black, you can use oriental wood or aqua wood. If the door looks south or southeast, the steps should be green.  If the doors look west or southwest, the steps should be yellow. If the door is looking north or northwest, it should coordinate with white steps. 

Some restrictions when placing doors

Do not have the door too low or too narrow because this will foreshadow failure. There is an old Chinese saying, a clear road must be spacious. On the other hand, it is not advisable to make the door too wide because air will easily escape. Feng Shui also avoids the placing the main door and the rear door so that they are facing each other. 

2. Types of glass doors for you to choose

2.1. Sliding/ sliding glass doors

Glass doors with a thickness of 5mm-12mm opened by sliding on the hanging rail are super practical and convenient. When your space is limited, sliding doors are the best solution as they take up less space compared to regular doors. The wide opening also allows more fresh air and light into your home. Sliding glass doors are also great as balcony doors or to separate rooms. 

Tempered glass sliding doors

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Glass doors made of tempered glass have the advantage of high thermal shock, high impact resistance, bending resistance and of course high security. It's a worthwhile investment to keep your home safe. 

Glass doors integrate the interior and exterior spaces of the home

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Decorating a glass door

You can use decal stickers to decorate glass doors. It will also help the glass door become more obvious, so that people don't bump into it accidentally. 

Glass sliding door as a room divider

2.2 Rotating hydraulic glass doors

Made of hydraulic floor hinges and toughened glass, the rotating glass door is composed primarily of toughened glass with a thickness of 5 to 12 mm. The hydraulic floor hinges also play an important role with the door being secured. The floor hinges help the user to pushlightly, when the rotation is  too slow. 

Glass door as the main entrance door

Hydraulic window openings which rotate

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