32 roof and pergola designs for your outdoor area

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When we talk about roofs and pergolas, there is a wide variety available. There are all of different sizes, materials, and prices. You will never run out of ideas because there is a variety of them created every day. If your garden needs a pergola or a cover to protect it from the sun and rain, then you are in the right place. 

We recommend budgeting, as well as evaluating the pergola or roof structure. Nowadays, you can find different finishes to customize your outdoor area. That is why we have selected these proposals that will help you choose the best model for your home. Today in this ideabook, we will present 32 models that will surely inspire you.

1. With glass protection

This type of coverage is ideal because it provides security and allows you to enjoy everything that happens outside. Thus, you not only have a structure that protects against time. But also a charming space to relax with a beautiful view.

2. Wood and brick

Here the comfort comes first and is well applied in our proposal. It is a substantial structure made of brick and wood base. It is a broad and safe construction to protect on a rainy or sunny day.

3. As a paradise

It seems simple, but at times can help you meet the requirement of the owners. In this case, this place looks like something out of a postcard. Wood is primarily responsible for this appearance. Also, it is an element that gives warmth to the ambiance.

4. Very decorative

This side of the house showcases an exciting design. In addition, it also has an outdoor kitchen with a minibar on the terrace. The small spacing in the structure of the pergola is perfect for the entrance of natural light.

5. Rustic touch

This type of pergola is excellent for giving the feeling of an Italian village. The wooden structure covered with green creates a real charm.

6. Ideal for backyard

It is never too late to install a pergola in your home. It is simple yet very comfortable and useful. It allows you to sit outside and relax.

7. Style of the house

Wood is a sturdy, durable and beautiful material, which also blends perfectly with stone and brick. This choice is usually common in such cases because it does not interfere with the style of the residence.

8. Super romantic

Here wood was used along with fabric in white tone to create a super romantic mood just like something out of a romantic movie.

9. A modern option

If you want something simple but modern, this option may be the most appropriate. These tables are great for creating enclosures. Here, the furniture can turn any space into a dream.

10. Made of wood

Here we have two interconnected worlds which are romanticism and practicality. By putting a rustic table and curtains around every corner, you can create a fabulous aesthetic in an instant. It is a good idea when you need more privacy, but without losing the pleasure of being outdoors.

11. For a sunny day

With this type of pergola, there will never be any lighting problems. An idea that you can apply on the terrace also includes a glass protection. Here the floor was lined with wood and the decor was completed with wicker furniture.

12. With a beautiful finish

The wood offers a multitude of styles and finishes for the construction of a pergola. Here we see a beautiful wooden pergola in panel format in the garden.

13. Simple pergola

If we talk about simple pergolas, this is probably one of the designs. The structure is used to provide a pleasant space for outdoor enjoyment.

14. A protected corridor

With this design, you can create a beautiful semi-covered or entirely shaded corridor. It also showcases the charm on the wooden path.

15. Adapted to the style

The entrance to the house can also be embellished by a lovely and modern pergola. You can choose one that fits the style of your home, by using the same material and the color palette.

16. Protected from the sun

Here we have a pergola that offers comfort to the family. The structure is ideal to protect against intense sun or climate change.

17. Transparent

Here is a perfect structure for any backyard. The pergola runs along the corridor forming an excellent protection for outdoor enjoyment.

18. Wide protection

A large awning allows you to protect yourself from the sun, save energy, reduce heat, and promote more privacy for the home.

19. To the corridor

Entrance homify Modern Houses



Wood never goes out of style, and in its natural state, it may be perfect for the entrance of the house as well. The pergola looks great and indeed resists at any time.

20. Rustic and romantic

As we mentioned, it is a delight to combine different materials in the roof or pergola structure.

21. Glass

A glass and metal pergola can also be a good choice.

22. Decorative

Here, the pergola is a decorative bet that blends perfectly with the sides of the house. There is nothing better than having a right metal frame that leaves the space very stylish.

23. On the terrace

As we see in this image, everything is in perfect harmony on the terrace, including the floor, furniture, and wooden ceiling.

24. Very useful

A cover should meet the needs of homeowners. One usually looks for a structure to create shade. In this case, we have a simple pergola that blends two materials. It is one of the most popular proposals.

25. Metal structure

A small pergola always helps, especially at the entrance of the house. Here we see different materials combined. But if you prefer only one, then that can also be used. Just try to choose good quality items that are also weather resistant.

26. For the sun to shine

It is advisable not to block natural light in the yard because the purpose of the pergola is to generate a bright space just like we see in the picture.

27. Straw pergola

It is a beautiful material, which provides a feeling of comfort. The straw gives an entirely rustic touch to the pergola.

28. Stone based

Here we have a reasonably simple proposal at first sight. But it is only a matter of observing the stone columns. Typically, these materials are combined differently, and they look rustic.

29. Natural

Here, for example, wood was used in its natural state, which provides a rustic style. However, it also creates the sense of connection with nature.

30. With awning

The retractable awning is also an excellent alternative to cover the pergola.

31. On the facade

We have no doubt that wood is one of the preferred elements. But we can not always create a complete coverage with this material. However, here we can see a beautiful structure made entirely of wood, which looks great.

32. Very useful

A lovely pergola for your yard, especially if you put an outdoor dining table. Also, you can set other elements to ensure the leisure and fun of the family.

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