The things that need to disappear from your kitchen!

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Empty bottles, cups with different colors, old dishcloths,… does this sound familiar to you? If your answer is yes, then you have to read this article. In most kitchens, you might find at least one of the following things: leftovers, unused utensils, empty plastic bags, or kitchen books that you’ve never read. What is the result? A total chaos! Here is a list of things in your kitchen that must leave.

1. Cookbooks

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Let’s be real, no one really reads cookbooks anymore. Technology has taken over and recipes can now be found all over the internet. If one day you want to bake a chocolate flan cake, just go online and you can find all the possible variants for it. So why occupy your kitchen space with books you don’t even read when you can use it for better purposes?

2. Colorful cups

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Colorful cups are adorable. But we all have that one friend who brings over a souvenir cup whenever he/she returns from travelling. Soon enough, you will find yourself with an excess amount of cups that come in every shape, color and size. Everyone has one mouth each, meaning one cup is practically enough. So the rest of them will just be there, occupying space, never to be used.

3. Recycling bags

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Recycling bags are without a doubt very useful and environmentally friendly. But how many of them do you really need? Once you have one or two, you are good to go! Do not be a bag-collector.

4. Leftovers

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Throwing food away is a waste and insult to the poor, but unfortunately it often happens. This is especially common with take-outs. The best solution is to think before you order. How hungry are you? Ask for less rice if you aren’t!

5. Old dishcloths

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If the first thing you see as you enter the kitchen are old and used tablecloths full of holes, you might instantly feel disgusted. Sort and throw away the old towels occasionally and replace them with new ones. Get them with colors or patterns to add more dynamic to the kitchen!

6. Plastic Bags

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You don’t really need that many plastic bags in your house when you already have recycling or other garbage bags. Stuffing a bunch of used and folded bags in the corner will only make the kitchen look unappealing. Keep it tidy!

7. Unnecessary kitchen tools

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There has to be some items in the kitchen that you rarely use or have never even used. Ultra-technological blenders, special vegetable cutters,… though they are aesthetically great, tell the truth, do you really need them? Or are they only occupying extra space?

8. An immense set of kitchen knives

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Kitchen knives are useful. There is nothing to complain about this. But honestly speaking, how many do you use? Do not be carried away by the trend in home shopping. Purchase only what you need and fill your kitchen only with things you will actually use.

9. Cans, jars and boxes

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It’s okay to keep the original packagings of the foods you bought, but organize them neatly. When the food inside is finished, don't leave them in the cupboard and throw them out right away! Or you can turn your jars into containers for future use. Saves you a buck and also environmentally friendly!

10. Tupperware

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Plastic containers contribute a lot to the disorder in your kitchen. You might think you will need it sooner or later, so you end up buying them in all sizes just in case. However, you will eventually realize that you might never use them at all. Again, only buy what you need.

11. A refrigerator that looks like a notepad

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Avoid turning your fridge into a post-it receptacle. Fine, it’s indeed useful to leave reminders and shopping lists on it. But don’t over do it. Try not to cover it all over the place with papers, photos, and magnets.

12. Recipes that you will never try

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Just like what we mentioned previously, there is no use for cookbooks hanging around in the kitchen. So don’t keep recipes that you doubt you will ever try! 

13. Water bottles

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Water, obviously, are kept in bottles. But don’t just leave them half empty. Use only one bottle at a time and leave the rest nicely inside your drawers. 

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