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This homify guide is to help you with polishing and taking care of wooden furniture adorning your cozy spaces, be it the living room, bedroom, study, dining area, conservatory or terrace. The wooden furniture surfaces need to be polished regularly, using products that are gentle on the furniture surfaces & not a risk to the health of wooden furniture in the long run. These days, there are a number of solutions to clean & protect wooden furniture; a variety of natural products are available that, in addition to being effective, are also eco-friendly & sustainable. Popular among those are combinations of natural products like beeswax, turpentine or olive oil & lemon, which restore the wooden surfaces to their original glittering splendor. Moreover, materials like flaxseed oil & turpentine essence polish as well as protect wooden furniture from the effects of wear & tear over time. Such solutions make it convenient to safeguard the wooden surfaces AND the original configuration of your spaces that you accomplished in style & design in consultation with the professionals.

Join us as we walk you through a practical & easy guide to effectively polish the surfaces & preserve the sheen of your wooden furniture. Get, set, go!

Using beeswax and turpentine essence.

A highly effective solution for polishing wooden furniture is the combination of beeswax and turpentine essence, two oil based natural products. These allow polishing wooden furniture with utmost efficiency. In order to prepare the mixture, 50 grams of grated beeswax & 50-60 ml of turpentine essence are needed. Liquefy beeswax in a pot over the flame, stirring carefully to make a smooth solution. Lowering the flame to the minimum, mix this solution with turpentine essence. The oily compound thus obtained is your polishing agent. 

Apply this polish with a microfiber cloth gently on the wooden surface to be cleaned; you will notice a brilliant shine sans scratching the surface or altering the color.

Employing almond oil and white vinegar.

For those with dirty, worn out wooden furniture, restoring the furniture health is necessary; in such a situation the combination of almond oil & white vinegar is a truly practical solution that will allow you to resurrect the furniture by yourself, unless professional intervention is a must.

The said combo is again a natural polishing agent which can be obtained by mixing about 250 grams of almond oil with 50-60 ml of white vinegar in a liquid state. Once the compact fluid mixture is achieved, the product can be applied on the wooden surfaces to be polished. An example is the coffee table shown here.

Special polish with flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil is a natural product well suited for polishing wooden furniture and restoring their originality. However, this product is not for regular usage because its density & its -oleic component are likely to make the wooden surfaces swell up. Therefore, it is advisable not to use this solution for regular maintenance & cleaning, but only infrequently for a special polishing of the wooden surfaces. 

To make the polishing agent, 150 grams of linseed oil should be heated & mixed with around 50 grams of turpentine essence. The resulting mixture can be applied on the furniture surfaces to be polished, with the help of a soft cloth so as to uniformly cover the surfaces & bring about a great deal of healthy shine.

Going for a vaseline-based solution.

Lacquered wooden furniture oftentimes attains a lackluster appearance with time and wear. A good natural remedy is that of a vaseline-based solution. Vaseline is a gelatin derived from petroleum refining, from residues of petroleum distillation after the total evaporation of the oil. 

Mixing roughly 45 grams of vaseline with about 20 ml of alcohol to get a homogeneous solution, you have a truly useful polishing agent. The homogeneous solution thus obtained can be applied to the furniture surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth. This way the solution spreads evenly and cleans effectively.

Banking on olive oil & lemon.

A really simple & natural solution for polishing wooden furniture lies with the humble kitchen ingredients- olive oil and lemon. These two ingredients work very well for a periodic & effective cleaning/ polishing of wooden furniture, protecting the wooden surfaces and preserving their original luster.

For this polishing agent, mix one cup each of olive oil and concentrated lemon juice together, shaking the mixture vigorously until a dense liquid is obtained. This resultant liquid is your polishing agent, natural & ready for immediate use with a cotton/ microfiber cloth.

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