12 brilliant laundry solutions that will make your life easier!

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In order to make our home look neat & organized, we need to do a number of tedious chores, and washing dirty clothes is one of them. Doing laundry bores & exasperates most of us but needs to be done on a regular basis. It is something that no professional expert will guide you on. And this is where your friend homify steps in!

Today’s homify article offers 12 amazing laundry solutions that will ease the situation and provide inspiration on how to organize your laundry to make washing clothes less monotonous. If you spend half of your time in the vicinity of the laundry basket and often have to look around the bathroom/ kitchen (where your laundry supplies are kept) searching for something or the other,  this article is what you need.

Read on!

1. Right next- above or on the side.

Placing the laundry basket next to the washing machine will ensure that you can quickly shift the load. Such a convenience is extremely effective for maintaining tidiness in the home.

2. Convenient basket.

A pile of dirty clothes/ linen can make your bathroom look messy & unsightly. A collection basket is a great way to store the dirty laundry yet to be washed as it keeps the bathroom neat, concealing the dirty clothes from view.

3. Wash & store.

Incorporating a washing machine in the wardrobe is another solution that saves time. Washed clothes can be taken out of the dryer and immediately stored in the closet.

4. Organize the wardrobe.

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Living in the vicinity of a basket of dirty laundry with an ever-increasing pile is not something pleasant. Room decorators often recommend organizing the clothes in different stacks in wardrobe according to season and function, so that besides sparing you the discomfort of having to dig to the bottom to recover your favorite piece of clothing, it also facilitates easily pulling out the clothes that need to be washed. And that too right before laundry time, saving you from a stinking dirty pile.

5. Separate shelving for towels & sheets.

Dirty towels & sheets are often the first items to be pulled out of the closet for washing, but it is vital that they are ventilated in order to avoid mold or moisture deposits & to prevent such growth from soiling other laundry items. Placing them on open shelves instead of a closet is therefore recommended. Having separate shelves for dirty towels & sheets is a great way also to decongest the super saturated closet.

6. A laundry corner.

Modern homes tend to be smaller, so a bit more creativity is needed when it comes to finding the ideal space for the laundry area. Dedicating an unused corner of the home to laundry will make the spaces seem more orderly, while maintaining all laundry supplies together conveniently at your fingertips.

7. Laundry cabinet.

For those of us who do not have the luxury of extra space for a laundry corner, a dedicated cabinet can do the job. This cabinet can accommodate all laundry supplies & appliances neatly, without affecting the rest of the furnishings.

8. Compactness for tidy.

It is essential to keep all laundry-related stuff at one place to augment convenience & avoid mess. The all-in-one compact arrangement for laundry is a great solution to store the baskets & supplies near the washing appliances, alongside a mini closet to hang clothes to stretch/ dry.

9. A super repository.

If you are a shopaholic with the luxury of living spaces high on dimensions, a well-organized spacious cabinet is quite practical because it helps keep the order and also makes it much easier to spot & pull out the dirty clothes in want of washing. 

10. Use the vertical space.

If the floor space is a constraint, you can place the washer & dryer vertically one above the other to save space and lend a prim look!

11. Clothes' line outdoors.

For those of us who do not have a dryer/ convenient drying area but have access to a small outdoor space like a backyard/ balcony, we can use it to put a clothes' line to dry the washed laundry items.

12. Keep up with ironing.

The ironing board is a bit of a bump for most people, but we all need some nice outfits for daily use! So we must not let the ironing pile build up; ironing at least once a week must be at the top of the to-do list. Watsay?

How many of these resonate with you?

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