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Moving in together is a wonderful milestone, but you need to be sure that you're choosing an apartment that can account for all your needs, belongings and hobbies, otherwise the chances of arguments are HIGH! Real estate agents know that young couples tend to have a little less money to spend on rent, but will still need as much space as possible and that isn't as unlikely as it might sound! 

We've found a lovely little home that is ideal for any young couple and we're going to show you it, right now. You'll love the way the space has been divided up and carefully decorated, but just wait until you see the bedroom storage too! seriously, this is serious first home inspiration, so let's get started!

Beautiful living space.

Is this a huge apartment? No, but it does have a natural appeal and charm way beyond it's proportions and that's no joke! The slim kitchen leads through to this communal area so gracefully and you can tell that a young couple lives here, thanks to the textile choices and fresh color scheme.

From the hallway you walk straight into this living space, which has a lounge, dining room and study area all in one place.

The living room area.

A small but comfortable sofa has formed the focal point of this lounge area, along with a rug and coffee table. What else do you really need in a living room? Choosing a sofa that is big enough for two and not as large as the room can take is a modest way to get more from the room.

A simple sideboard, wall-mounted shelving system and flatscreen TV finish the living room area and maintain the really self-contained feel. It's a strange things that at no point does this apartment feel tiny!

The dining area.

The retro furniture choices throughout this apartment are great, as they add some real personality and charm to an otherwise small and modern home. In particular, this dining table, complete with unusual chairs, has caught our eye. Simply placed to one side of the room, opposite the entrance, it doesn't take up too much room or look out of place.

The kitchen.​

Yes, this is a very skinny and small kitchen, but it's still totally functional and very stylish! Pulling the colors from the living room through was a stroke of genius, especially the apricot that can be seen on the stools, as it brings a warmth into play against the cool blue cabinets. Speaking of those stools, you have to love the ingenuity that led to the breakfast bar being created!

The study area.

We all know that younger people tend to want to study or even work from home, but how many people can afford the rent for a place that includes an office? Well, this apartment has one, technically speaking! This corner desk installation takes up barely any space but offers so much extra practicality and the shelf above the monitor has enough fun elements on it to distract from the computer. Clever!

The bedroom.

As expected, the bedroom isn't exactly gargantuan in size but it is more than big enough for a young couple that probably don't spend much time in there, except at night! A large bed and small side tables were al that was needed, along with some wall hooks for bulky items that would swallow up wardrobe space. Oh, speaking of wardrobes… just you wait!

How amazing is this storage system? Built in, to maximize cabinet and drawer potential, not an inch of space has been wasted here! The top cabinets are built up to the ceiling are will come in so handy for bulkier items, such as shoe boxes, then regular closets are in place, while being supported by accessory drawers too. We actually think that ANY couple would rent this apartment, just to have access to all this storage!

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Would you and your partner be able to coexist happily here?

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