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Captured by the expert and highly talented photographers Lopez Photodesigns from Germany, the LUXHAUS Musterhaus Koln is a unique architectural piece with a mesmerising frontal view. The yellow lights in the exterior give a warm look to the building. The colour combination perfectly contrasts with the lights, adding a touch of sophistication to the building. The touch of red makes it even more desirable. The swimming pool at the front is an added advantage which gives a mirror look to the house from the front. There are many mesmerising features in this residence. So, let’s go around the house and take a look at other details.

The glamorous mirror view

The front view of this residence is seamless. The reflection of the house in the swimming pool in front gives it a mesmerising look and creates a picture perfect image of the entire construction. To the onlookers, it looks like two houses one on the ground and the other under the water. Oh, what a beauty! There is more to see apart from the mirror view of this house. Not only the front view is breathtaking, the interiors of the house are also beautifully designed and crafted. So, let’s sneak inside.

Grandeur balcony

The wood panelled floor and the giant sliding window are the two classic and attracting features of the balcony. This balcony can no doubt become your favourite place in the house to sit with a cup of coffee and relax after a tiresome day. The wooden floor gives a raw feel to the entire balcony. It is well lit and covered by lush greenery on all sides. The ample light and the fresh air are perfect for lighting up the entire interiors as well as your mood. You can even treat the balcony as a hang out spot with your friends during weekends.

Mesmerising bathroom interiors

If you love enjoying a warm bath in a well decorated bathroom, Luxhaus Musterhaus Koln has it all. The white colour of the bathroom walls makes it look cool and very sophisticated. The countertops are all made with the finest quality grey colour marble. All other bathroom fittings and accessories are of the finest quality. A colour splash with a few planters adds glamour to the bathroom such that along with the rest of the interiors, you will fall in love with the bathroom as well. Most importantly, the entire design gives you a clean and tidy look.

Sophisticated dining hall and kitchen countertop

The dining hall also deserves special mention. The space is indeed great and it is a big dining hall with the table centrally placed. The hall leads to the kitchen on one side and a huge wall to wall sliding window on the other. The amount of light reflected through the huge window makes it a well lit room and gives out positive vibes to the residents of the house. You can have your meals sitting together with your family and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. The beige colour floor and the white walls make the dining room one of its kind. The kitchen countertop is visible from the dining space and is well integrated into the the space.

Kitchen interiors—simply wow!

This house has an extremely well organised and sophisticated kitchen. One complete wall is dedicated to cupboards and cabinets which saves enough space to move around inside the kitchen. The cooking area is induction based and centrally placed in the kitchen. Shades of brown are very prominent and used for marble countertop and cabinets. The soothing colour combination of the kitchen makes it appealing for the eyes and also adds a sense of space. The wooden floor gives the same rustic look like that of the balcony, rather makes the kitchen look modern vintage style. The sink and chopping area are next to the cooking area which makes washing and cutting vegetables more convenient. 

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