A remodeled family home replete with cozy comfort

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Today’s homify article features a residential remodeling project accomplished beautifully by Cascais based architects from SHFA. Located in Sintra town of Portugal, and surrounded by castles, old houses, & narrow, steep cobbled streets, this family home has a fascinating neighborhood. The expert architect team has conveyed an exquisite designer taste. The remodeled home is full of light and boasts of an appealing interplay between modern accents & an elegantly classic core. Sounds interesting? Take a closer look!

Idyllic white facade.

Drawing generously from the purest Mediterranean style, this lovely facade is completely painted in white and covered with windows & balconies. One of the things that characterizes this project is the typical Mediterranean luminosity. Other features reflecting Mediterranean flavor are the aesthetics of the entrance door in soothing blue and the refreshing greens surrounding the entrance to this beautiful home. The added charm of the small porch with brick tiled overhang offers a sound visual element.

Brightness galore.

As we enter, this spacious and luminous room greets you. Finessed in classic style with some modern details that break the harmony of pure classicism, this warm & inviting living room is loaded with natural illumination. Light clearly remains the undisputed protagonist in this room with the expansive windows letting natural light pour in amply. The white color of the walls greatly accentuates the luminosity, making for a dazzling haven of snug comfort. The wooden beams of the roof, completely painted white, ring in noble jazz. 

Cushy with a touch of vibrancy.

This comfy area, a small lounge, offers a private space to relax to the fullest with your loved ones or simply have some me time with a hot cuppa & an engaging read. The vibrant colors of the lively rug & the plush cushion inject a pop of contrast into the white preponderance. The warm invite of the fireplace adds copiously to the welcoming stance.

Openly hearty.

The ground floor houses the social spaces that are integrated together- there are almost no walls to divide the spaces, unless the wall functionally doubles up. This allows for light to flow freely across the spaces. An example of this is clearly seen in the kitchen & dining area, separated only by the kitchen island.

An alluring blend.

Combination of styles & materials is what we see everywhere in this house, including on the exterior aspect. Something that distinguishes this house is the presence of chic classic-style furniture, lighting, white color, and tasteful details in other styles like modern & Mediterranean as we have seen previously. 

All this is wonderfully exemplified again in this photograph, where the dining room with a conventional wooden dining set is demarcated from the utility area inside by a large wall of wood & glass that also serves as a cabinet-cum-showcase. 

Original design.

Moving onto the private spaces of the house, we arrive at the bathroom and can't help but gush at the singular designer marvel. This wall bedecked in stone-work with 3D geometric shapes is undeniably the focus of attention. The bathroom design admirably combines modernity (with this type of stone-work) and classicism (with elements like the floating washbasin in light toned marble). Here again, lighting is the main protagonist with the skylight letting plentiful natural luminosity flood in. 

Uniquely spectacular.

This article will be incomplete without having a close peek at this wonderful wooden stairway. And is there anything more typical of Portugal than tiles? 

In this stairway you can see at the base of each step, tiles in cream & blue tones with motifs- these provide a classic yet very cozy look. The base of every step is also made of natural wood, covered with tiles; the wooden steps have a rounded edge. This staircase is one of the most special parts of this house, echoing its amazingly comfy old-world charisma.

How do your cozy spaces reflect the classic poise?

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