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The design of your kitchen is one of the most important things you must factor in while building a house. The kitchen is an integral part of your family and no matter how young or modern we are, it is fun to share winter dinners, hot chocolate and sweet bread huddled in the kitchen. It is also that part of the house where you can experiment with dozens of flavors and create gastronomic delights. 

Therefore, when you look at designing or remodeling your kitchen, no matter how big or small it, don your thinking cap and use your creativity to make a warm and cosy space to cook, and share giggles and food.

There are several hundred models and designs of pre-fabricated kitchens in the market that are designed to adapt to just about any surface, ambience and housing model. But, these kitchens lack the warmth that you may be looking for. If you want to create a space that is personal and has a specific kitchen design, you can go in for an author kitchen design. Each design is unique and different from the other. In fact no two author designs repeat themselves. They are made to exude the emotion, colour, and design you have in mind.

In this idea book, we share with you 12 author kitchen models that are beyond the stereotypical designs. They have been designed for their owners to inspire them to cook, and of course share. While you cannot copy these models, you can most certainly take notes of the ideas, styles, and materials and seek the counsel of a kitchen designer to help design your author kitchen.

1. Fresh and luminous

Though this kitchen has modular furniture, each piece is designed to measure and taste, in a contemporary Scandinavian style, with a glass plateau and armed drawer units. The kitchen is flooded with light that reflects beautifully thanks to the abundance of white and the strategic location of the windows.

2. Colourful and rustic

This is a design that is sure to catch your eye. Though it is not circumscribed to an exact measurement, it exudes a rustic feel. Recycled furniture that have repainted with geometric parts that form the stove, the sink and the heaters and sink sinks. A natural wooden counter in the center closes the design that moves between rustic, industrial, contemporary and beautiful.

3. Discreet and wide

Space has been prioritised in this kitchen design by using a lot of wood on the perimeter and leaving the center open to form a rustic dark wooden dining room. This kitchen blends perfectly with the country style of the house, the mustard tiles and the atmosphere which is unique and cozy.

4. Minimum and functional

This kitchen has been built in the open space that is shared between rooms in this house. It has a Mexican touch, thanks to its modern cut, large white and concrete granite island that is adorned with colourful tiles that resembles designs from the Alhambra or Mexican talavera. A modernistic light source adds to the ambience of the cooking space.

5. Small and compact

Small kitchen? Fret not! This is a design you can take inspiration from. This design makes the best use of the tiny space to optimize the surface and integrate a dining room in it. The design in compact, has wooden furniture and cupboards in the right places and shelves galore to maximise the space.

6. Contemporary

The designers of this kitchen were inspired by the cold wooden landscapes with pine, moose and snow. The plateau and the furniture are minimalist in cut yet render a touch of elegance. The use of light colored wood blends beautifully with the worn out finish of the walls. A lot of free space and light flowing in, crowns the environment and gives the kitchen a splendid look.

7. Compact

This Scandinavian inspired kitchen is compact and perfect for a small apartment. It boasts of well-designed multipurpose woodwork that accommodates the refrigerator, ovens, a platform to prepare food, heaters and the sink. This gives the kitchen a well-organised feel.

You can hire a designer to achieve the look that you desire.

8. Grandma's kitchen

This is a kitchen that is full of warmth and memories. Though this kitchen is not really big, it exudes the feel of a big kitchen, thanks to the organization of concrete furniture that has been distributed along the walls, leaving the center for a large preparation table. The neutral colors used, exert a charming force that is a visual treat to the eyes. The decorative details, curtains, green doors, add to the design and warmth of the kitchen.

9. Rustic and minimal

If you are someone who loves a rustic ambience. You can take inspiration from this rustic loft house that has a small kitchen with hut touches. A wood-fired oven and a wood-burning stove, with a low plateau to cook and a bar to organize food add to the appeal of this kitchen. Do not restrict yourself, go wild with your imagination, and you can better this really cool kitchen design!

10. Straight from the ranch

This kitchen gives you the feel of living in nice ranch or a cabin in the countryside. Enjoy the aromas and freshness of the air mixed with the aroma of your cooking, in this compact yet utilitarian kitchen. The design uses cement with wooden doors, curtains, a bell integrated into the roof, and a stone slab to complete the look.  A glass window lets in ample light that gives the kitchen a nice country side feel.

11. Modern and fresh

This kitchen is very small and compact. The contrast created is noteworthy. The mustard toned walls and furniture in word and raw tones along with stainless steel appliances give the kitchen an industrial feel. The acrylic on the wall protects it from dirt and keeps it clean while also beautifully reflecting light from the outside.

12. Really simple

The design of this kitchen has a minimalist cut and abundance of Scandinavian tones. Though really simple, sober and completely smooth, the touches of grey beautifully contrasts with the white and the warmth of the kitchen. The design adapts to the slopes and surfaces of the space and the abundance of light, makes the kitchen bright, simple and truly fabulous.

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