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A small yet charming apartment full of delightful up-cycling & smart ideas

Eclectic style bedroom by homify Eclectic
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Berlin based architects from Spamroom have created a very eclectic two-room apartment which is stylish, functional, and which incorporates a variety of up-cycled materials. A small apartment requires a good deal of innovation & creativity when it comes to design & decor, and this 323 square foot home is loaded with character. Furnished with a surprisingly sophisticated combo of upcycled & reclaimed materials, it has all the features of a standard home with a lot of urbanity & comfy pizzazz.

The upcycled materials wonderfully reflect the edgy spirit of the neighborhood; the multifunctional furniture employed in the home adds to the jazz of the small yet sassy home. This home boasts of a kitchenette, a home-office area, a washroom, and way more storage than one would expect.

Come with us as we embark on a homify tour around this endearing home that is oozing chic character.

Looking at the big picture.

Main space Eclectic style bedroom by homify Eclectic

Main space


THIS is the entire apartment (other than the bathroom tucked in around the corner)- the furniture units are simple & functional so they could be slotted into place and used in multiple ways. The focal point of the space is indeed the massive bed, that has ample room for practicality and even a corner for slippers! Now this is a unique feature you don't see everyday. Under the bed on the right-hand side are three individual units that slide out to become seats.

The experts avoided dividers and sought to create a versatile space with plentiful flexibility. In a small space like this one, you simply don't have space for a side table,… ..so this bed has one incorporated right into it! Note along the closest side- the hard surface all along it is the table, and it serves efficiently as the storage area for the remote, along side anything else the residents may want to bring to bed. Intelligent! 

Sturdy multi-faceted storage.

Storage Eclectic style bedroom by homify Eclectic



This huge storage cabinet curves around the wall towards the kitchen. It can be conveniently used as a cabinet for clothes, as a storage unit for sundry items, and the same structure also morphs into a kitchenette on the other side! It houses open & closed shelves to suit every need. This gives the owner some private storage areas, alongside creating bathroom storage on one side, suitcase storage near the entrance, and decent space for books on the bedroom side. 

Stroke of genius.

Storage Eclectic style bedroom by homify Eclectic



When we think of storage, we usually tend to go for options that are either lateral or vertical. Why not both? This amazing small sized house boasts of wraparound doorway storage made of medium density fiberboard and wooden crates. Simply clever, no?

Edgy, hearty & singular.

Kitchenette by homify Eclectic



As we turn around the corner to the kitchenette, we notice that no two doors on this cabinet are the same. This is because they've all been up-cycled from discarded furniture! Not only is this economical, the many tones & textures of wood make for a beautiful collage. Old panel doors, parquet tiles & new plywood have been employed in creative combinations. 

The lamps, tiles & door handles are also made of re-purposed furniture. Inspite of the variety of rustic textures, hues & finishes, the entire look is unified by an earthy palette & the use of the pine paneling for a super-clean design. 

Adorable details convey fine craftsmanship.

Kitchenette detail by homify Eclectic

Kitchenette detail


Taking a closer look at this kitchenette makes you realize just how cute it is, along with the careful attention to detail. Upcycled materials are generally viewed as substandard, particularly when it comes to new constructions. But here, we can really see the creative potential of injecting new life into older materials. This works well because every element has been refurbished & altered with a special focus on dapper detailing.

The tiling is just simple enough to provide a solid backdrop for each of the unique materials below. The kitchen faucet is up-cycled brass, the counter-top is made of pine for stability, and the dishes are simply engaging. Between these features are the mix-matched cupboard doors that augment the winsomeness of the kitchen.

Multifunctional marvel.

Window-desk Eclectic style bedroom by homify Eclectic



Here, we have another glimpse of the wooden cube seats that we saw tucked under the bed earlier. They can be used here at the desk-cum-dinner table. The adorable seats fit just right under the table so that they are not a hindrance to mobility when not in use. The long & light wooden desk over the radiator could easily double up as the study or office desk. On warm evenings when the window can be opened wide to let in the fresh air, you can enjoy delectable meals here!  

The drawers on the desk have up-cycled knobs that look wonderful, particularly across from the salvaged railing post which supports the desk on the other side. Did you notice the fine pendant lights? All the lighting in this room is through restored brass lamps or lights custom-made from old copper pipes. Each lamp has been so shaped to have the right angle of lighting needed for every functional area. What a planned design!

Small & streamlined in black.

The small bathroom is streamlined & space-efficient. It feels more modern & simpler than the rest of the apartment. Mosaic tiles and a monochrome color scheme add to the edgy feel of the home. If you only have two spaces in the house, it is truly nice to have varying styles for each so that they both feel refreshingly unique.

The huge, simple mirror and the transparent shower screen help in making the most of the small space- the bathroom feels more spacious both in the shower & out. 

Every element of this home has been carefully chosen for utmost elegance & comfort, along with tons of functional finesse.

Signing off…

Floor plan Eclectic style bedroom by homify Eclectic

Floor plan


We end our tour looking at the architectural design of the apartment, which shows how thoughtfully the architect team played with the space available to them.

Here, we really get an insight on how every square centimeter of the property was utilized, and what a smart & sleek design came about. Defying its size, this apartment really is an expansive home that flows tastefully between different functions. Don't you agree?

Did this diminutive up-cycled haven inspire you for a revamp?
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