7 small but modern kitchen peninsulas to copy!

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In kitchens with lower dimensions, where accommodating a kitchen island is not possible, a kitchen peninsula is the best option. A kitchen peninsula is a variant of the kitchen island, equally practical & visually sound, with space-saving & multifunctional features. In small apartments or limited space kitchens, kitchen planners fall back upon the kitchen peninsula to serve as a worktop, a cooking area as well as a dining table/ breakfast bar. There exist a number of different ways to accomplish this layout, as well as a multitude of styles to characterize it. 

This homify article enlists 7 modern examples of kitchen peninsulas that offer practicality which defies the modest kitchen size. Have a look & be inspired!

1. Stylishly compact.

This compact kitchen houses a small peninsula with a stove and a worktop. It is visibly evident that the small size is not a limitation at all. To inject personality into this amply functional space, illumination from LEDs & other lighting fixtures has been added which gets reflected from the surface of the furniture & the jazzy walls.

2. Well-equipped & trendy.

This modish peninsula has it all, including the stove with extractor hood. The blend of white & glossy materials, a pop of red and stainless steel make the ambiance truly modern, in line with the contemporary trends. The wall also boasts of functional finesse besides decor, with the shelf and the countertop.

3. Neatness galore.

Small goes well with white- this neutral & luminous color can significantly help a small sized environment owing to its extensive effect. Here, you can see that the white preponderance with some details in black nails the look. The peninsula serves wonderfully as the dining table. 

4. Replete with noble goodness.

Modern wood effect greatly augments the visual aspect of this one. Small but extremely alluring, this peninsula shines in wood finish. The nice rigid linearity, clean functional design and the minimal yet voguish lighting technique complement the peninsula to pimp up the kitchen.

5. Vibrant & zingy.

Spacious & bright, this kitchen has a generous cooking area; the U-shaped layout with the peninsula provides a hearty atmosphere. The shiny cherry red color invigorates the ambiance. Imagine enjoying delectable goodies while seated comfortably at that bar!

6. Warmth of coziness.

This small kitchen boasts of the twin-volume peninsula- over the worktop, on the sides, lies a wooden platform serving efficiently as a table for meals. Although very modern, this environment is welcoming & warm.

7. Smartly concealed.

Lastly, we arrive at this kitchenette overlooking the dining room with the 2 functional areas perfectly separated, though the peninsula is not conventionally demarcated. What we perceive at the first glance is a simple discrete walled-in compartment which seems to outline the kitchen boundary, but behind it lies the kitchen worktop for preparing food. A really thoughtful idea, watsay?

Which of these resonates with your kitchen space?

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