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Designing your ideal home work space

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Ring ring! It's time to wake up! Oh no, you have to drive all the way to the office… but no, you don't! Destination: home office!

There is no doubt that the office is a space for working, but when you work from home, where do you draw the line? Sometimes you take your work baggage home with you—because you are already home! Given that now days it is very easy to have a job from home, this can happen very easily. Your work space may even overlap into your living room or bedroom if there is no division.

Today's article is designed to help you to have a creative work space where work stays isolated from the rest of your home life. There are always ways to improve this separation. The other certainty is that we need an office that is appealing and as attractive as possible. Otherwise we lack the motivation and inspiration to go to work each day.

Brought to you in six, easy steps, we are going to teach you how to design your office and show you all of the elements that you are missing, which are essential. Do you want to discover them? Then read on!

It's time to work and feel happy doing it!

incorporate plants

Mother Nature is meant to spill into your house from outside and the office is no exception! It can also be the perfect barrier that separates your office from the rest of your home.  

The green of the plants or colourful flowers can bring freshness and vitality to the office space environment, especially if its looking quite drab and boring. We need to feel inspired and in harmony with all that is around us and it is the natural elements that bring us well-being. If we are close to nature, we may not get so upset on days when work is hard. 

Opt for plants or flowers as vital elements that awaken our mind.

A good desk is key

If you need inspiration, concentration and a peaceful and quiet place to work, then you need to re-evaluate the paraphernalia in your home office and decide what is needed and what needs to go. Minimalist is always better! 

The fundamental piece of furniture in an office is the desk, don't you think? Without it, nothing can get done! You need a desk regardless of the shape, size, colour or material that it is made out of. This is the place where we develop our goals for the day, get our studying done and decide what time we can knock off for a swim. 

Desks vary widely and can be arranged in many different ways, with drawers, shelves or even spaces for your computer monitor or keyboard. Your desk may even be attached to another piece of furniture, depending on the space that you have for your home office. 

Before choosing your desk, take note of the space available in your home office environment. Will a desk fit with other pieces of furniture in the room, especially if it is already in a space used for other functions in the house, such as a living room or a bedroom?

Perhaps the most popular option is to opt for a versatile desk that will adapt well to any style and can fit into this space without any problems. 

Another tip, if you can, buy reasonable sized shelving to put books and paperwork because your desk will quickly become crowded, especially with your computer on it. Shelving and drawers allow for you to leave everything in order and organised, out of sight.

Check out this cool range of home office products

Get yourself a comfortable chair

You desk is now chosen. Let's move onto the chair!

This is the second most important element and, in fact, it may be even more important than the desk itself. Why? The reason is simple: the chair affects our comfort and well-being and can even lead to a health issue! Anyone who spends too much time cooped up in an office will know how important it is to be seated well and ergonomically so as to not cause back pain or any other forms of discomfort. 

It is very simple. If you know that you will be sitting more than six hours a day in your office at home, then it is highly recommended to invest in a good, upholstered chair. The chair needs to be able to rotate and swivel for easy movement and should have enough flexibility that you are able to lean back, relax and stretch every now and then. 

After comfort comes the question of design and materials used. While you want a stylish chair, you must first ensure that it is comfortable and will slightly tilt back, providing you with the correct position. Arm rests are also a good option, allowing you to lean on them while you spend hours and hours at your computer. This avoids tension being created in the shoulders and the arms.

Well lit

When we are talking about work, it is natural that we will suggest good, artificial lighting in a home office space. 

Try to place your desk by the window, like T2 Architects & Interiors have done here. This brings you a wonderful view as well as fresh inspiration every day. The window will also provide an important source of light as the sun's rays penetrate the room. 

In the evening, artificial light is essential so opt for two types of light: direct and indirect. 

Indirect light will come from the ceiling and will light up the entire room so that your eyes don't become strained. A light office is very important.

Then opt for a table lamp or standing lamp, which you can move around and point at different things, depending on how dark it is. You can play with the intensity, focusing it where you like for direct light.

Touch of art

Art is always a source of inspiration and adds an interesting decorative element to any area of the house. The office is no exception!

Whether you hang art on the wall in front of the desk, next to it or behind it, it will add colour and charm to your working environment. Evaluate which space works better and there you have it! What is guaranteed is that you will create an attractive space with the colours, the design and the hidden, symbolic message conveyed by the piece of art. A touch of art creates magic!

You can opt for expensive pieces of art, or you can buy art on a budget. You can also be the artist! Play with different colours and see what works best in your office. The first place to start is with a few strokes of paint on a blank, white canvas…

Personalise your desk

Like any surface, we don't want it to be too bare or boring but we also don't want to end up filling it with toys and gadgets, because this is a surface where you need space. 

Here at homify, we like everything to be attractive and perfect, where even a desk in your home office is decorated with exquisite taste. So this is the place to start looking for ideas for your desk décor—we have thousands of products and articles to choose from. 

Be sure to opt for the basic, subtle décor such as a pencil holder, a handy notepad and your computer. Then you can add a few framed photographs, some candles and even a little piece of wood with your name engraved into it! Choose whatever you like and when you get bored, you can swap them out for something new and interesting. You don't have to spend too much money and it can be fun!

And don't forget to keep cleaning up! The more tidy it is, the more attractive your home office will seem. You will be less stressed and your level of productivity will be increased. 

If you have a small area for your office space, read these: Inspired Storage Solutions For Small Homes.

Now, let's get to work!

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