10 wonderfully detailed classic facades to inspire you

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There are several styles one can adopt while designing a house. Depending on the preference and lifestyle of the residents of the property, the style of the house can be determined. It can be classic, traditional style or a modern and minimalistic style.

Classic design and architecture has its unique style, which is quite elaborate and decorative with eye for intricate details. Roman and Greek architectural styles with neoclassic touches are perfect examples of classic architectural designs. Various kinds of classic and artistic elements are integrated in this style making it grand. It is interesting to note that even in present times; many classic features are integrated in contemporary buildings and structures, particularly in the various residential areas.

Mentioned below are some great designs and ideas where classic architectural styles have been integrated in properties making them look splendid and superb. Check out the facades of the buildings and you will be not less than surprised.

1. Re-reading of the classic style

The first expression that comes after taking a look at the façade is wow! This façade has elements of typical colonial architecture and a classic style, which can never be out of date. What contribute to the classic style are the use of neutral shades and the worked pillars along with the constructive techniques which are commonly seen in Brazil Colony structures. The old architectural style has blended perfectly with the entire setting in the façade.

2. Entablamento – adding classic detail

Classic style is defined with set of details, which capture the attention. One of these styles is the entablature, which is a specific set of motifs used for decoration of the façade. These details can be seen on the pillars and the columns as well as on the frieze and the cornices of the building.

3. The evergreen style

Check out this amazing looking façade. If it were in olden times, the details would have been carved in stone. But in present day construction, plaster is used to bring the effects in the best manner.

4. Clean and classic architecture

The façade of this building has a very neat and clean appearance with no fuss at all. The classic design has a new meaning altogether as there is no ornamentation in the style. Infact there is no use of materials like granite and marble as was common in classic structures. Though the style is classic, there is an approach to contemporary rhythm of life.

5. Striking perfect balance

Defining classic style is difficult as in most cases it leads to delimiting the essence of the style. The perfect classic design is when all the elements are perfectly balanced in the structure. This structure is a great example of this kind where the proportions and parts run in absolute fluidity. This is attributed to the mathematical formulas used while designing the structure.

6. The elegant entrance to the property

The main aspect of classic style is that it has to have the right proportions. The sophisticated lines make the structures so very elegant looking. For this building check out the elegant entrance! There are two columns, which demarcate the entrance. There is also an attractive entablature. There is a distinct symmetry to the whole structure, which is not only inviting but visually striking.

7. Amalgamation of the contemporary and the classic

Many people think that two architectural styles cannot be combined into one, particularly when they are starkly different. But it is not so. Check out this structure and see how there is perfect combination of the contemporary with the classic without hurting aesthetics in any manner. All you need is a good architect and designer for designing such exteriors.

8. The imposing entrance

This building has an imposing and remarkable entrance, thanks to the entablature and pilasters. You can just keep staring at the beautiful structure for hours.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

9. Using the white colour perfectly

If you check, you will find that most of the buildings which have classic architectural style rely on light shades particularly white. Various kinds of new shades have come, various kinds of designs and structures have come up, but what has remained constant is the appeal of the white colour in classic styled buildings. There was a time when marble was the main material used. But now other materials are also being used, but the color stays white for the façade for that effect.

10. Modern lifestyle in a classic architectural structure

If you are a person who leads a modern lifestyle, you can still live in a place with classic design and architectural style. Check this façade and you can clearly understand what is being said.

It is clear from the designs that having a classic looking façade is possible with modern elements as well. Just the concept and the design should be perfect.

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