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10 utterly amazing flat-based showers!

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Walk-in showers are amazing, but if you have to physically step into them, that can become a little dangerous, especially when you are still sleepy and groggy in the mornings! Instead, to make more of these amazing shower cubicles, the best thing to do is complement that space with a ground-floor tray design! It might sound bold, but Italian showers have been aligning with this styling nuance for years and we all know what high-class purveyors of quality our friends in Italy are! The secret to getting the best bathroom really is to focus more energy on your shower, which is why tray heights, screens for walk-in showers and tiles are all important things to look at in more detail and no bathroom designer will deny that! 

If you're in the mood to see some truly stunning showers that will definitely inspire your next big bathroom purchase, come with us now, as we have found 10 of the best low-profile try cubicles that we know you'll love!

1. Dark and mysterious.

Shimmering black wall tiles, a barely there crystal clear shower screen and a pancake-flat tray design have all made this devilishly dark shower something to really covet!

2. The minimalist cube.

Lovely! So simple, fresh and unfussy, this shower cubicle would be perfect for slumping into first thing in the morning and leaving, fully revived! The white tray really keeps things feeling bright too.

3. Tucked away!

Even small bathrooms make great use of flat tray showers! By keeping the profile of everything super low, the space is shrunk significantly less and has a much better flow. 

4. Magnificent marble.

Can you imagine anything worse than going to get into your luxury shower, only to stub your toe on solid marble? Us neither, which is why a super sleep and smooth low-profile marble shower floor is best! You really can't go wrong with marble; it's so high-end!

5. Perfectly finished.

If you're wondering how you can finish your shower tray a little more attractively, look no further for a great idea! Simple mosaic tiles make light work of the task and we bet they feel lovely underfoot as well!

6. Chic modernity.

How smooth does this low-level walk-in shower tray look? WOW. With an inset drain and almost freestanding screen, this is a really modern and pared-back take on a regular bathroom shower and we aren't hating it at all!

7. Combined colors.

If you're worrying that a step-less walk-in shower might look a little too simple or impersonal, think again! You can still go to town when choosing a different and dramatic shower screen! 

8. Blink and you'll miss it!

If it wasn't for the far feature wall, we think you would have missed this shower altogether, as it is literally floor level. The clear screen doesn't help you locate it either, which must be why a checkerboard wall was included!

9. Organic overload!

Natural stone tiles, an earthy red hue and flat wooden shower flooring have all made for a really natural and organic design here! We bet that wood feels utterly charming underfoot and works perfectly with the water too.

10. Simple and sweet.

So this walk-in shower has a little step, but nothing as dramatic as we are used to, so we think it is a great option for when you aren't ready for a flat floor quite yet. You have to admit that the shower itself looks SO much taller and grander, right?

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