6 reasons to invest in a kitchen island

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Do we really need to tell you why you need an island in your kitchen? Isn't it already widely known and accepted that they are THE accessory that we all secretly covet? Well, maybe you need a little extra motivation to free up some budget to invest in one and if that's the case then we've got all the reasons you need, right here! Every kitchen planner in the world knows that a beautiful island is the perfect way to finish off a high-end space, but come with us now as we give you some valid reasons for choosing one yourself!

1. You get so much more counter space.

This is a great reasons for considering an island, even in a small kitchen! If you have limited counter space, an island, regardless of how bijou, will give you access to a wealth of extra prep space and that is more than handy; it's stylish too!

2. It will divide different room zones.

If you have a remotely open-plan or combined room space in your kitchen, for example with a dining area set up in there, an island will offer you a natural way to divide different functionalities. We like to think of islands as a serving station, which adds a little more ceremony to mealtimes! 

3. More people can cook at the same time.

FINALLY! The other members of your household won't have a valid excuse for not helping with the dinner preparation anymore, as an island will give you more than enough room to have a few people cooking, all at the same time! If for not other reason that to make your life easier, you need an island!

4. An island will be naturally multifunctional.

Maybe you need some extra prep surface space, or perhaps a breakfast bar would be terrifically useful. Either way, a kitchen island will be able to rise to the challenge! Incredibly handy and multifunctional, an island can basically step up to ANY challenge.

5. Your chance for dynamic design is greatly improved.

Have you ever noticed that most contemporary and laudable kitchens have amazing central islands as the focal point? Don't you want to get in on that action? Inset your hob and you'll be very cutting edge indeed!

6. Everybody loves them!

Finally, let's just be honest and admit that the real reason to have a kitchen island is that everybody loves them! Yes, they are handy, but more than that, they look great, really finish the space perfectly and bring everything together naturally. Amazing!

For more island inspiration, take a look at this article: Kitchen islands you'd love to be marooned on.

Are you totally convinced about kitchen islands now?

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