6 amazing ideas to ensure that your day starts in a positive way!

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For many of us, the alarm clock is the epitome of sheer evil that jolts us out of the sweet slumber and throws us back into the mundane everyday reality. More often than not, we wake up with a grumpy feeling, cursing the modest alarm, reluctantly getting ready to go through the same drill yet again. However, the poor alarm is not to be blamed. Instead, what we can do is devise some way so that the start of the day is in a positive way, eliminating the bad feeling of a terrible new day. And this is where homify steps in for help!

In this article, we will walk through 6 wonderful ideas that will go a long way in helping you rid of the bad feeling and start every day with positivity. Take a good look, try to put them into practice and note the difference… here we go!

1. Set the alarm for a few minutes earlier than usual.

Setting the alarm for a few minutes before the usual waking up time will allow you to do the morning chores more calmly and give you some more time to enjoy a refreshing shower & a delicious breakfast. Be careful, however, not to wake up too long before usual as then the snooze button will repeatedly play spoilsport- repeated sleep interruption creates adverse effects that affect our mood throughout the day. So, preponing the waking up time by a little while can help greatly in accomplishing the otherwise tedious daily morning activities with a pleasant & relaxed mood.

2. Focus on waking up completely.

Waking up with a start & jumping precipitously down the bed when the alarm sounds is by no means healthy or advisable. Neither does it help a proper start of the day. But turning around on the other side & snuggling under the blankets, postponing the time to open the eyes, is not the way out either. Waking up is a phase that requires some time for the body to adjust to the new state of activity. It is, therefore, the best to open your eyes, be conscious of the environment, stretch to reactivate the muscles, sit for a few seconds, and then finally get up.

It is also good to establish a routine of light exercises; in due course of time, such activities will automatically be a part of your morning schedule & help activate your body for the day ahead. It is, however, important that you immediately do not begin to think about work as you wake up; focus on your own self, your well-being and enjoy the morning rejuvenating your mind & body to face the day at work in an energetic & positive way.

3. Let there be light!

Getting ready in the dark or with window blinds/ curtains/ shutters drawn is not a good idea. Light greatly influences the start of the day. Our brain is very sensitive to the alternation of light & darkness that affect the alternation of sleep & waking up. The best thing to do is to allow natural light to enter, leaving the window shutters a bit up even at night.

It is advisable to open the shutters, remove the curtains & fold the blinds as early as possible in the morning, and let in ample natural light & fresh air. In winter, artificial lighting can do the job. 

4. Enjoy the shower.

Among the daily chores in the morning bathroom routine, the shower is something we all look forward to. The morning shower helps us move from the warmth of the bed to the beginning of the day. It's a very pleasant time when the water drops falling on our body refresh us totally. So, it is the best to leave the office worries out of the shower and dedicate this time to simply enjoy the relaxing pleasure of flowing water on the body with the delightful aroma of your favorite bath products soothing your senses.

5. Have a leisurely breakfast & morning coffee.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so skipping it is a strict no-no. Having your breakfast alongside checking your mail, messages & to-do list is again a bad idea. Breakfast time offers us some extra moments to spend with the loved ones. Even if we are alone, it is a time to just let the taste sink in & enjoy the delectable goodies. Therefore, simply concentrate on the food & its taste, without letting any work-related activity or thought spoil it.

Sipping your coffee rather than gulping it down in a haste and avoiding obsessively checking mail & messages go a long way in calming the mind. Many studies reveal that drinking coffee too early—before 9:30 A.M.- can slow the waking up process of our body and make us feel less energetic. So, it is better to relish your coffee at a leisurely pace, preferably after 9:30 A.M.

6. Figure out what to wear, in advance.

It is important to carefully choose the clothes you wear to work, so that you feel comfortable throughout the day. You can prepare for it the night before, looking at the weather and choosing something appropriate. This way you will spare yourself the worried haste when you wear something the next morning only to discover that it was to be washed, ironed or stretched to dry. Also, it does not take any professional experts to tell you that a neat closet with organized stuff helps further to make a choice without having to rummage cluelessly through a pile of clothes & accessories.

Moreover, once you leave the house, look around & take your sweet time to walk some extra steps, taking the bus at the next stop.  You can do some biking as well. After all, you woke up earlier than usual, didn't you? 

How do you make your mornings happy & full of positivity?

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