How to choose chairs for your dining table

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If you think that picking out chairs for your dining room table is a doddle as you simply plump for the ones that match, think again! Interior designers are desperate to get people out of this lazy decorating habit and we agree with them, which is why we are going to give you some top tips for picking out some seating which is a little bit more adventurous. Come and take a look at all the factors you need to take into account, so you can pick out a stunning set of seats!

1. Look at the surrounding design styles.

Before you start thinking about your dining table chairs, look around the room, objectively. What aesthetics have influenced the rest of the space, including your wall colors and other furniture items? With these factors in the forefront of your mind, you can look to pick out some chairs that work with more than just the table itself.

2. Work with the shape of your table.

Of course, you will need to think about your table a little bit, so why not use the shape of it as a guiding influence? Round tables will work well with different styles of chairs than rectangular tables, after all. We think that curves go well together, as you can see here, with ergonomic chairs surrounding a circular table. 

3. Does everything need to match?

This is a good question! So many people will select four or more chairs that are all completely identical, but is that really necessary? Can you mix and match chairs and benches, for example? Or how about an eclectic mix of chairs? Well, you can select whatever you like! There really aren't any rules, so why not stick to one material and be a little more relaxed with the styles of seats you choose?

4. Is height an issue?

Don't forget to think about the height of your table, as well as the shape! If you have a surface which is more like a breakfast bar than a standard table, you'll need to look at taller seats and stools, for the sake of comfort, if nothing else! A cohesive aesthetic will depend on the right height as well!

5. A pop of color can be great.

So many of us seem to be a little scared of choosing bright or vibrant colors for our dining chairs, but why? It looks utterly brilliant, offers an easy way to introduce an accent color into the space and really helps to make dining furniture that bit more interesting and standout, in its own right.

6. Account for everybody.

Finally, think about how many people you need to comfortably seat on a daily basis, then add a few extra, just in case you are ever hoping to have a fun dinner party. We always think that you should try to accommodate an extra four people and with that knowledge in mind, you can go to town choosing chairs that will easily squeeze into your space and around your table. 

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Are you feeling more prepared to choose some dining chairs now?

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