10 low-cost ways to improve your garden

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Making over a garden can seem like a heck of a feat, not to mention bringing about a big expense to bear as well, but if we told you that we have 10 amazing tips for giving your garden extra pizazz for little money, you'd be interested, right? Well we have! If you have ever wondered how to fix a garden, without bankrupting yourself, then this is definitely the article for you, as we've been paying attention to how landscape architects improve outdoor spaces for clients and have picked up some key tips. So, if you need to fix your abandoned garden, come with us now and find out how!

1. Mow the lawn and and some submerged greenery.

Let's start with a super simple tip! Decorating a garden on the cheap can be as simple as mowing the lawn, tidying up the edges and adding a few submerged bushes. It's a simple idea, but one that looks really effective, minimal and effortlessly stylish. It'll basically only require a little elbow grease as well.

2. Curate a tiny zen display.

A small and self-contained zen display is a wonderful way to radiate a lot of beauty around your garden and they are surprisingly easy to create. A simple bed, some shingle and a few well-chosen plants are all you'll need and they won't break the bank.

3. Work with your indoor spaces.

When it comes to the question of how to fix a garden with little money, you can afford to think a little more outside the box, so how about expanding your existing design into your home a little? What you'll be doing is actually increasing the reach of your garden and making it far more impressive and you'll probably have some materials left over from your main garden to use. So cost-effective!

4. Cozy corners work a treat.

Making one corner a real centerpiece or focal point is a great way to improve your garden, so why not add a couple of chairs, maybe a small side table, and get out there in the evenings? What a way to actually USE your garden more, which will make you love it all over again.

5. Side spaces are premium real estate.

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Those access spaces that lead to your back garden or side doors are ripe for a little makeover and given that they are small, they can usually be improved for a small amount of cash too. How about stepping stones and gravel, for a simple but chic aesthetic that makes access the focus?

6. Make the most of lighting.

Lighting should always crop up when you ask how to decorate a small garden with little money! It's shocking just how effective some simple uplighters can be, or even some wall-mounted motion lights. They turn a garden into a day-to-night useable space.

7. Grow your own.

This is so simple, but a wonderful idea! Grab some old crates, pop a few herb plants and maybe some tomato plants in there as well and start growing some of your own food. If anything, this will SAVE you money, on kitchen ingredients, while also giving your garden a beautifully organic look.

8. Work with color.

It's true what they say; a little color goes a long way! With this in mind, why not invest in a singular vibrant hedge plant, pop it in a prominent location and let it spread out and grow? Ask at your local garden center and you will be able to select something you love the look of that will work with your budget.

9. Choose height over sprawl!

It can be tempting to try and go overboard with plants in your garden, to get goo ground cover and create the look of a mature space, but that will definitely cost a lot of money. Instead, why not think about planting tall or dramatic plants, in smaller quantities, as they will grab just as much attention but also save you a lot of cash.

10. Don't forget your front garden.

Finally, if you are giving your garden a little going over, don;t neglect the front of your home! A small border, some window boxes or even a couple of ornamental trees, either side of your front door, will look incredible and really set the right tone for the rest of your outdoor space.

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