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We like to think that we've seen it all, in terms of interior design and amazing apartment schemes, but we're not sure that we've ever seen a home that has made elegant simplicity the underlying theme, until now! The interior designer that crafted this striking space had such a wonderful take on how unfussy yet stylish additions can be used to brilliant effect, in every single room of a home, so come with us now and see why you should be thinking about simplicity as a theme for your property. Trust us, the open-plan living room/dining area will tempt you, even if nothing else does!

The living room.

How charming is this room? Ignore the dining area for just a moment and focus on the sofa and living room section, as we are blown away by how understated yet dramatically beautiful it is! The use of muted grays was inspired, but the accessories have really brought the area to life.

Accessories are key.

It would have been so easy to clutter up this living room, but with just a lamp, some coffee tables and a piece of wall art in place, the overall look has been kept wonderfully uncontrived. Had colorful or patterned cushions been added to the sofa, things would have been very different, but these muted linens are gorgeous and so subtle.

Great storage.

Spin around in this living room and you'll see a beautiful and simple piece of storage furniture that keeps the gray color scheme at the forefront of things, not to mention sleek and unfussy styling. This whole home is so elegant.

A divine dining area.

So here, we see some matching storage furniture to the piece in the living room and a beautiful Danish-style dining table and set of chairs. The unframed mirrors are utterly beguiling, given that they are unusual and all the open, unconstrained space is just amazing!

The kitchen.

You might have thought that a simple communal area would give way to an over the top kitchen but nope! The theme of simplicity has very much been carried through into here as well, with a strikingly understated linear layout in place. Gloss cream cabinets are the perfect choice, especially with slate floor tiles, to create a natural color scheme that doesn't leap out at you!

A second dining spot.

The kitchen hasn't been kept so simple as to be empty or impractical, as we can see that a lovely casual dining spot has been included. A great idea for when less formal meals are ready to be enjoyed, we are really enjoying the plain white and simple shape of the design!

Heavenly hallways.

Can we take a moment to just appreciate the ambience and feel of the hallways here as well? It's all very well creating welcoming and charming rooms, but it's a true sign of genius if your transitional spaces can also embody a more soothing vibe. We don't know about you, but this hallway really taps into our inner zen!

The home office.

This home might be simple, but it hasn't forgone any necessary inclusions, such as this amazing and well-stocked home office! Following on from danish-style dining furniture, the desk and chairs here have a decidedly retro and simple style to them and we have to say tat this looks like a terrifically productive space!

The master bedroom.

A cacophony of neutral tones and warm vines, this bedroom is really geared towards restful sleep and recuperation and the continued simplicity has negated any distracting or fussy decor perfectly. The position of the bed is inspired as well, with natural sunlight drenching it throughout the day. How refreshing.

Space for guests.

Finally, this guest room is a masterclass in understated glamor. The way bright yellow has been used as a minimal accent color is absolutely terrific and adds just enough pizazz to impress, but not overwhelm or work against the rest of the home. Amazing!

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Could you get onboard with this simple design scheme?

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