7 smart tricks to clean the house in 5 minutes!

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None of us needs an interior designer or a room decorator to tell us that cleaning the house adds plentifully to enhance its visual appeal. Nevertheless, nobody likes to waste a lot of time cleaning the house. Naturally, it follows that all the ideas that reduce the time we generally dedicate to cleaning are more than welcome. How about home cleaning ideas that span a mere 5 minutes?

Generally 5 minute ideas are considered bogus but today’s homify article proves otherwise. We have put together some ideas for 5 minute cleaning for the entire house. YES! These 7 smart tricks are sureshot ways to have your cozy pad neat & tidy in a matter of minutes, 5 minutes to be precise. It goes without saying that everything requires a sincere & persistent effort. But if you follow these tricks, in 5 minutes you will be gushing at your clean & comfy home.  

Sounds interesting? Let us have a closer peek at these amazing ideas that will leave you with a clean home in 5 minutes, sparing you the tedious hours of endless cleaning chores. Here we go!

1. Keep your things organized.

We start by reminding you the A-B-C of cleanliness. The simple act of maintaining your belongings in an orderly fashion, rather than letting them pile up here & there in your house, will go a long way in helping you tidy it up in a matter of minutes. Put this into practice and you'll see how it de-stresses you & soothes your nerves when it is cleaning time.

2. Wipe the windows.

If your windows are the size of the ones you see in the image, they are quite easy to clean regularly. All you need is a glass cleaner & a piece of cloth, (a rag will do!) and your windows will be squeaky clean. If they are very dirty, you can conveniently clean them with some warm water & soap to rid of the dirt quickly; this will save you time & effort. 

3. Clean the leather.

Cleaning a leather sofa or an armchair can be a bit tricky. These days, leather upholstered sofas, couches & armchairs are often covered with a thin layer, and require special attention. These should be cleaned by wiping with a damp microfiber cloth.

Another good option to clean the leather is to wipe with a damp cloth AND a few drops of liquid soap on the surface. Remember to NEVER rinse the leather, as it will damage the material; ALWAYS use well drained rags for proper cleaning & retaining the brightness of the leather furniture.

4. Kitchen hack.

Moving onto the kitchen, cleaning the refrigerator without toxic cleaning agents is possible using a home-made product infallible against grease & dirt. Simply mix two tablespoons of baking soda with half a lemon and add 5 drops of lemon essential oil. Just apply this mixture with a soft sponge on the outer surface of the refrigerator, and you will have it clean in a jiffy.

5. For expansive glass surfaces.

Houses with a patio or garden generally have large sliding glass doors connecting the interior & exterior of the house. But due to their size, cleaning the glass panes is often rather tedious. But you need to do it on a regular basis. If you run out of glass cleaners or if you are looking for a cheaper & more eco-friendly option, there is a very effective home remedy- make a solution with water & alcohol to wipe the glass surfaces. This will make the large glass panes very clean in an economical way.

6. In the bathroom.

Bathroom is among the home spaces where most of the pathogens usually thrive. It is, therefore, essential to keep every part of the bathroom clean. Keeping the shower clean, for example, is quite easy. After each use, use a brush or sponge to prevent water droplets from accumulating & drying on the walls and on the glass shower screens. When the water droplets dry up, they leave a white trail on the wall/ screen that looks dirty.

7. Glass staircase.

You might believe that cleaning a glass staircase would be more cumbersome than wood. But it is easier than you think! In addition to attracting less dust, glass stairways offer the ease of cleaning with a cloth or even a vacuum cleaner. And if there are resistant stains which are difficult to remove, simply apply a little glass cleaner & in a matter of seconds those will disappear. But remember to let the glass surfaces dry well before stepping on them, as they can be really slippery when wet.

So, now you know that a focus on order & some convenient home-remedies will automatically make the seemingly dreary task of cleaning a piece of cake..isn't it?

How many of these do you follow in your prim dwelling?

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