Washing clothes: the right temperature matters!

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In this homify article, we are going to offer you simple yet useful tips on the right temperatures to use for proper washing of clothes. Many a times, we are faced with a situation where our wrong choice of temperature adjustment results in faded color & worn out fabric. To prevent such occurrences & save you from unpleasant washing experiences, we have compiled some tips & tricks based on the advice of our experts.

Take a good look at these simple yet essential things to be mindful of, and ensure a pleasant washing time for yourself in the bathroom!

1. Every fabric is sensitive to a particular temperature.

It is important to remember that every fabric, especially the most delicate ones, needs temperatures that are NOT TOO HIGH. When setting the washer at high heat, you run the risk of ruining your favorite clothes.

Different temperatures are perfect for washing different fabrics like wool, cotton, polyester, silk, denim, etc. Based on their different characteristics, each fabric has its own temperature requirement for treatment with soaps, detergents & conditioners. Cotton, among all fabrics, is the simplest to wash and pure cotton can withstand high heat to an extent. 

2. Heeding to the washing instructions.

Key to properly washing your laundry is to thoroughly read the label on each dress, with the washing instructions; interpreting & following the instructions religiously is what will ensure your clothes' good health.

Usually there are three main directions:

- a bowl indicating the washing temperature (e.g. 30 degrees C),

- a bowl with a hand which indicates that hand washing of the garment is advised, and

- a bowl with a cross on it meaning that the garment can only be dry cleaned.

3. Connecting the dots.

Sometimes, the washing machine has non-numerical washing temperatures shown using dots. This is what they mean:

- one dot corresponds to wash in cold water at 30 degrees C,

- two dots translate into a wash in warm water between 40-50 degrees C, and

- three dots indicate the garment's suitability for washing at temperatures of 60 degrees C or higher.

It is important to remember that a high temperature, particularly with delicate fabrics, could compromise the fabric & beauty of a garment. In this case a maximum temperature of 30 degrees C is right for washing in the machine; hand washing in cold water is recommended. However, high temperatures are more suitable for a thorough cleaning.

4. Special care for the more sensitive ones.

There are some fabrics that you should pay close attention to, when washing-

- silk garments are best washed by hand, rather than the washing machine. Using cold water and a gentle soap/ detergent are the safest ways to clean them;

- jeans should be washed at temperatures not exceeding 40 degrees C, to preserve the color & prevent fading;

- linen should be washed in water with temperatures below 60 degrees C, for the dark colored ones it is better to have a gentle wash at 40 degrees C.

In general, if the fabrics do not have resistant spots, they can be washed at a temperature of 40 degrees C that will save energy as well as be gentle on them.

5. App as your washing ally!

An app called washApp, not to be confused with the WhatsApp message system, is a really useful & convenient app because it allows you to look at a fabric along with its washing temperatures. Not only is this app a great ally to arrive at the correct washing temperature, it also offers a number of practical tips & tricks to make the washed garments retain their bright colors forever, among other smart ideas.

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