Simple tricks to create more space in a small bathroom

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The bathroom is a key interior space where we relax and refresh ourselves. It follows that it must be replete with the items that we use daily for personal hygiene & wellness. In addition to these, skin & hair-care products, toiletries & laundry supplies are also among the commonly found items in a bathroom. And then there are cleaning products, towels and bathrobes. It is therefore very important that the bathroom has ample space to accommodate everything in an orderly & functional way, so that it is handy & easy to clean without having to move too many objects.

However, if the bathroom is low in dimensions, it is not always easy to find a place for everything. Bathroom designers have time & again stressed on neat practicality, i.e., to eliminate all that is no longer needed such as expired products & empty bottles no longer in use, and optimize the available space.

After selecting what all we NEED to keep, we can start seeking the right space for placing everything. This homify article lists 16 easy & smart tricks to ensure that the limited space in our small bathroom is well optimized and there is a convenient, functional location for everything, with a bit of originality as well!

Come with us as we walk around these 16 simple but handy tricks, and be inspired!

1. Every inch counts.

Make use of every inch possible to make the environment as pleasantly functional as possible. 

2. Space below the sink.

It is very important to make the most of the space under the sink because it is a non-permeable space where you can place a lot of objects. Another important detail is the corner shelf which can be very useful when the space is less. 

An even more effective solution is to take advantage of the space underneath the sink wherein storage is concealed, to prevent clean linen from becoming dusty & moist, or storing objects that are useful but may not be so visually sound.

3. Shaping for mobility.

Sometimes the distance between the sanitary facilities is really low & hinders movement greatly. You can circumvent the problem through a solution like the one shown here-  the practical washbasin counter is so shaped to leave enough room to move.

4. Customized for convenience.

A custom-made cabinet with drawers & compartments underneath the sink is a great ally for those looking for shelving that appealingly saves space.

5. Good old shelves.

Although shelves are very useful, they need to be dusted often so it is advisable not to over-crowd them to facilitate the task. The most classic & useful is the shelf under the mirror but the most versatile ones are the corner ones as you can see here.

If you have a bathtub, you can take advantage of the walls for open shelving.

Using small containers to store objects like toilet paper stocks helps protect them from dust and also offer ease of cleaning. It is also very important to make the most of the available ceiling height, for placing objects that serve less often. Here you can also see another interesting space to take advantage of—the back of the door! Installing classic hooks or bars, the door can be easily used to hang towels.

6. How about the shower cabin?

Mounting shelves on the glass pane of the fixed shower cabin, a creative & very functional storage solution can be got.

7. Bathtub versatility.

Even the bathtub can be a clever resource, as you can see here. With integrated utility compartments and a practical upper edge for a comfortable support pad, your bathtub can be a truly worthwhile element of your small bathroom.

8. Niches.

If there are niches, big or small, utilize them to the maximum because they offer precious space. Obviously the bigger & deeper ones are better because they allow for more storage. Even if you have small niches, they would still be quite useful for small/ fewer objects.

You can close the niche with doors to conceal the less appealing objects and also to protect them from dust.

9. Wall units.

Open or closed wall units in different sizes & colors are quite handy. Generally closed cabinets are chosen for objects that are not particularly pleasing to see. Cabinets with mirror door panels offer ample space and create brighter bathrooms by reflecting light. So, these are better options than a normal mirror above the sink, being multifunctional.

10. Above the washing machine.

The space above the washing machine can be used for detergents & household cleaning products.

11. Behind the toilet.

Even the wall behind the toilet is a space we can tap into; the important thing is to go for wall units that are neither too deep nor too protruding.

12. Hang onto recycling!

With a little imagination, you can recycle objects originally meant for other uses. Boxes or baskets can be modified a bit & hung on the walls to serve as uniquely decorative storage solutions.

Even a fabric bag hanging on a hook/ handle can be a good temporary storage idea for dirty lingerie/ socks before you take them for washing. Remember not to rest the bag on the ground so as to avoid dust & moisture. 

From Valencia With Design, Yonoh Yonoh

Hooks can be attached to shelves, walls or doors for hanging fabric/ bucket containers.

14. Movable cabinetry/ shelves.

A movable body of shelves/ cabinets in countless formats can be employed as per requirement; to prevent the stored items from gathering dust, we can cover them with a decorative cloth/ curtains that will gracefully double up as a cover for hiding the not so visually sound items.

15. Trolleys.

Small shelves or drawers are very functional and, if fitted with wheels, you can move them to move more easily in a small space.

If provided with wheels, a chest of small drawers/ shelves is very handy as you can move it more easily in a small space as per your convenience.

16. The ladder.

A humble ladder with roomy steps can be very useful and a really chic storage idea. You can easily place small baskets, containers, tissue rolls, towels, etc. If the steps protrude much on the sides, you can also hang fabric bags & buckets that can contain small items. 

There is also ladder shelving to be fixed onto the wall, with comfortable shelves in place of the classic steps.

How have you optimized space in your small bathroom? 

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