10 reasons to use beige in your living room

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We know that when it comes to choosing salon colors and hues for living rooms, you want to get things right, while also, maybe, being a little more daring and flamboyant, but can we take a moment to pare things back a little and talk about the joy of beige? Don't you go rolling your eyes and thinking that beige is simply a boring color, as it is actually king of the neutrals, with beige sand walls not only creating a stunning aesthetic but also contributing to a wonderful vibe as well! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that beige tones have stood the test of time for a reason and today, we're going to give you 10 of the best, so let's get started!

1. It's great for large rooms!

When you have a huge space to decorate, we can't think of anything better than beige or ochre for salons! Let's ignore the fact that buying paint in bulk is always far cheaper and that neutrals don't cost nearly as much as fashion colors, but also, who wants to commit to a daring shade over a vast amount of space? Beige looks great in a small or colossal area alike!

2. It can accommodate a lot of belongings.

Beige is great for keeping spaces understated, even when there is a lot of furniture in situ. Darker colors can combine with a vast amount of belongings to shrink a room and become cluttered and too busy, but with beige, an airy and spacious feel can be maintained.

3. It never goes out of style.

This is a key bonus of beige! Given how neutral it is, it really wont ever go out of style, which means that you won't need to be constantly redecorating or updating your scheme. Neutrals are forever, not for a season!

4. Light looks terrific with it!

Lighting a living room well is critical, but with more adventurous colors on the walls, you could find that you struggle to get that cosy and fresh vibe right. Beige never drowns out gorgeous golden light, it simple radiates it! 

5. You can add in other neutrals as contrasts.

If you are more of a fan of earth colors for living rooms, how about using beige as your main hue and then accenting with deeper, natural tones? The contrast of coffee and cream shades, in particular, will look utterly incredible!

6. It makes for a homey look.

Beige is the perfect base color for adding some extra accessories, to get a more homey look and feel going on. A few pictures are all you really ned and it won;t be difficult to choose the right ones, if the walls aren;t a dramatic color to start with.

7. Classical styling works well with it.

We really do need to tip our caps to beige for being such a wonderfully versatile color. As much as it can contribute to a modern aesthetic, it also works so well with more classical touches and furniture. Wood flooring, in particular, makes an ideal partner.

8. It helps to camouflage architectural elements.

If you want to keep your interior architectural elements a little more subtle, beige is a great color to opt for on your walls! It will help them to blend in and melt away, while more interesting elements come to the forefront, such as a striking staircase.

9. Nothing is better for a light ambience.

If you are fortunate enough to have large windows in your home, you really want to amplify the effect of all the natural light that pours in through them and beige is utterly perfect for doing just that! It will reflect and radiate every nuance of sunlight into even the darkest of corners in your home.

10. It's undeniably elegant.

Finally, who can deny that beige is elegant? We don't think anybody can! It's a steadfast classic hue that can be dressed up, dressed down, looks as modern or as traditional as you want it to and is just so chic. Come on… admit it… you love beige a bit more now!

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Do you agree that beige can be brilliant?

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