Choosing a dining table: round or rectangular?

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If you've ever thought that choosing a table for your dining room is a piece of cake and you simply have to get the color right, think again! If nothing else, it;s actually the shape that is the critical part of the whole process! So the question really needs to be… do you want a round or square table? Of course, interior designers will tell you that both have their advantages and disadvantages, so your final decision will need to take into account the space you have designated for the table itself, but we thought we should give a lowdown on all the pros and cons, just to be sure that you're making an informed choice! Are you ready? Then let's go table shopping!

1. Think about where it will go.

Let's start with the most important issue, which is table location. In terms of round tables, they are a serious contender as they can squeeze into any recess or space and leave it feeling more spacious than it actually is, as it doesn't form a linear connection with any walls. They also naturally accept a wider range of chairs.

Rectangular or square tables are amazing when you have a very prescriptive space to place them in. Let's imagine a square wall recess, in a kitchen for example; that would look perfect with a well-proportioned and angular piece of furniture in it. They also naturally create a more formal vibe, so when it comes to picking a square or round table, you really need to think about atmosphere too!

2. Consider sociable gatherings.

The issue of picking a round or rectangular table can be a little simpler, once you know where it will be situated, if you think about how sociable it needs to be. Will your table simply be used for family meals, or will inner parties be a factor as well? We think that round tables naturally work well for close-knit families and rectangular ones work well for parties.

3. Capacity is a factor.

Here's one of those occasions where size really does matter! Obviously, deciding which occupies less space, round or rectangular tables, is critical when you know exactly where your furniture will be going, but let's not overlook the issue of how many people you need to be able to comfortably seat! Use your household as a starting point and then consider being able to include at least one more couple. In all honesty, we think that rectangular tables make the task of accommodating lots of people far simpler.

4. Legs can be a decider!

The style of table legs that you like can, actually, hep you to decide between a round or square table for your dining room. If you don't like the look of singular pedestal legs, for example, you could be far better off choosing a square design, which will offer a wider selection of leg styles.

5. Do you want to avoid sharp corners?

Finally, let's think about households with children in them! We all know that child-proofing a house is a task in itself, so why not make things that little bit easier, by selecting a round dining table that has absolutely no sharp edges to account for? Retro-inspired houses will loves things a little less linear and a tad more curvaceous as well!

Round table summary.

So. The benefits of round tables are that they leave rooms looking bigger, have no sharp edges to worry about and are naturally great for creating a cohesive family mealtime. They usually have a more retro feel to them and offer a striking, slightly unusual aesthetic that is hard to beat, but square tables are fighting back!

Rectangular table summary.

Rectangular tables are able to accommodate more diners, look a touch more formal and can just as easily look contemporary as they can retro. They also slide into existing niches far more neatly and don't have to be the focal point in a room, if you don't want them to be!

For more dining inspiration, take a look at this article: 14 delicious outdoor dining ideas!

So...which style of table is the one for you?

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