15 small bathrooms that you MUST see before renovating yours!

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A small bathroom need not always translate into dark, shabby & cramped space. It is an intimate space where we refresh ourselves & get ready for the day ahead. Also, it is the space where we wash away our worries to end our day, all set to go off to sleep. It follows that such a living space needs a thoughtful consideration while designing. A careful attention to detail is a must, giving the bathroom a comfy quality so essential to such an intimate space.

In keeping with this, the room decorators & interior designers emphasize on lending a practical poise to the small bathrooms that tastefully defies their size, irrespective of their style. A number of styles- modern, minimalist, etc.- are available to jazz up the small space & enrich it functionally. A variety of materials like stone, wood, ceramics, etc. or a material mix, and a blend of varied styles can also be tried out. The latest trend is the multifunctional aspect- employing elements that serve more than one purpose, such that, space optimization is aesthetically accomplished thereby imparting oodles of functional finesse within a limited space.

This homify article enlists 15 small but stylish bathrooms that are BIG on utility; these could serve as great inspiration for you to upgrade yours, giving your neighbors some really serious home envy. Ready to have a peek? Here we go!

1. Winsomeness of wood exudes the natural touch of warmth.

2. Tiled mosaic & geometric motifs with a balanced visual richness.

3. Natural flair of stone & floral elegance- a relaxing stance.

4. Cleverly lighted panache carved in stone serenades the charisma of contrasts.

5. Delicate magnificence of fine marble oozes sophisticated lightness.

6. Radiating spectacular LED elegance with an interplay of hues & shadows.

7. Eclectic smartness for optimal utility to embody organic grace.

8. Minimalism decked up by functional demarcation through trendy wall textures.

9. Voguish reflections create the illusion of a larger space.

10. ​A lively pop of color for the essence of vibrancy.

11. Country charm in wood & stone—rustic modernity dishes out a warm & functional ambiance.

12. Raw appeal of sturdy concrete extends mellow respite in chic luminosity.

13. Making the most of natural light for a neat balance of configuration.

14. Injection of hassle-free convenience—corner shelving sans stifling the space.

15. Multiple jets at different heights & intensities—showering delightfully lit singularity.

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