Bring the romantic poise into your cozy spaces: a guide

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Whenever we think of designing romantic spaces, our first thought is a cozy bedroom with lot of pink color, diaphanous curtains, glowing candles & a cushy bed. No doubt a couple’s bedroom looks jazzier with a romantic design, but every home space can be given a romantic upgrade, on the interior as well as exterior of the home.  

If you ask room decorators and interior designers, they mostly advise you on a romantic bedroom. However, we at homify believe that for a romantic evening, not only the bedroom but any space- the living room, garden, pool-deck or even the kitchen can be a good spot. And therefore, we have brought for you 12 lovely ideas whereby you can add a generous dollop of romance into your comfortable spaces.

Whatever be the style- classic, Scandinavian, country or modern, you can augment the alluring elegance manifolds by some creative touches here & there. Take a look at these 13 smashing ideas on how to make your home romantic, and ring in that tender finesse into your snug sanctum.

1. Lavender grace & Rosey exquisiteness to complement the lush greens.

2. A little hint of fondness through household delight.

3. Say it with floral vibrancy on the wall!

4. The conventional magic of flower power never fails.

5. Designer cupid lamps, lavender tones & furry duvet- amorous vibes galore.

6. Comfy relaxed nook with beige warmth.

7. Walled pebble-y snugness meets golden glow of minimalist style.

8. Personalized poise of old-world charm with dark shades.

9. Fragrant pizzazz of scented tea lights, anyone?

10. Genteel cuddly warmth serenades the vintage essence.

11. Chandelier charisma & elegant curtains sing in melodious notes of tranquility.

12. Simplistic moreishness of pastel hues is in vogue.

13. Wholesome rejuvenation with a cool swim & restful outdoor lounging.

When are you giving your comfy pad a romantic revamp?

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