15 beautiful ideas for small terraces & courtyards

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With increasing paucity of space, modern housing has adapted to compactness & creativity in home design. Home professionals are increasingly opting for multifunctional spaces & smart space optimization to create the client’s desired home format within the limited dimensions available. In line with this, both interior as well as outdoor spaces are being designed with versatility in mind. Room decorators & designers also emphasize on practical decor so as to maximize the available space.

Be it the living room, conservatory, bedroom or outdoor spaces like the garden, terrace, courtyard, etc., not everyone has the luxury of big, lavish spaces. Many of us have to do with a small sized terrace or a tiny courtyard. At first, it may seem like a disadvantage. But with the right ideas, some out-of-the-box thinking & befitting style, a small space can be transformed into a welcoming oasis that invites you to linger & let your hair down with your loved ones. And these small outdoor spaces are much more convenient to clean as well!

This homify article walks you through 15 inspiring ideas for small terraces & courtyards, that will amp up the visual appeal of these spaces alongside giving them an enhanced functional finesse. Sounds interesting? Take a closer look!

1. Idyllic natural touch in country-style with green suggestions.

2. An invitingly cozy style statement with outdoor rugs for comfy lounging.

3. Refined material mix for contemporary flair of chic visual harmony.

4. The Zen panache exudes soothing respite.

5. Less is more- minimalistic modernity conveys roomy ritz.

6. Singularity sans exaggeration- interplay of shapes & silhouettes for innovative sass.

7. Dollops of snug tranquility with green relief & hammock comfort.

8. Vertical green poise adds to compact charm for a refreshing stance.

9. Delicate plant delight is well-adapted to narrow primness.

10. Extra-large coziness with rejuvenating greens in extra-small area.

11. Are you game for some voguishly lush herbal or vegetable wholesomeness?

12. On the right track to assured warmth.

13. Versatile modish seat of family-size restfulness.

14. Awning awesomeness with clear lines, green elegance, woody nobility & stoney humility- relaxed Ibiza feel, anyone?

15. Industrial hints & vibrant hues for cheery relaxation.

Which of these did you find the most suited to your terrace?

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