Wellness oases crafted in concrete

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Summers are synonymous with a sunny soak on the beach. After all, nothing is nicer than to relax by the water as you take in the soothingwarmth. However, none of us can continue forever on the beach vacation andsooner or later, we need to come back to the mundane hustle-bustle. We can’thelp it, can we?

For temporary respite, many of us have a pool in thegarden, terrace or courtyard. But for those who have no room for a pool, homify offers you a great solution! This article offers you 6 wonderful ideas of hot baths made of concrete, thatwill help you create an oasis at home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money,nor do you need to hire high-profile experts; a little bit of creativity & somehomify guidance, and you are good to go!

Excited? Have a look!

1. Double delight.

This beautiful pool takes the form of a waterfall into a wider pool. The hot bath is surrounded by a wooden-deck that lends this complex an elegant & cozy touch despite the large stone elements. The inside of the hot bath itself is lined with ivory-colored panels, giving it a sober sass. The wide edge allows trays & dishes to be placed without any danger of falling off, making this hot bath an ideal setting for an evening drink in the pool with the loved ones. 

2. Heavenly repose.

Take a moment to marvel at how elegantly the wooden-deck has been integrated into the design around the aqua allure. As the hot bath is partly elevated, some concrete steps have been constructed to lead up to the deck. Two sun loungers flanking the small hot bath extend a comfy invite. The material mix of concrete & wood adds an earthy essence while the green suggestions ring in the palliative natural touch.

3. Privy to luxury.

A hot bath can also be realized inside the house, as shown here. Like a private spa, the semi-submerged pool is made of stone. The wind lanterns and candles ring in a romantic ambiance. Installation of the large panoramic window allows ample natural light to pour into the room. In addition, the window ensures good ventilation, preventing damage due to dampening.

Have a warm rejuvenating soak with aromatic oils and laze on the loungers with a hot cuppa- ah what a picture of lavish comfort!

4. Terraced trendiness for covered sanctum.

If you have only a roof terrace to accommodate the hot bath, even then a compact one can be installed as in this image. In this project, the elevated hot bath has been integrated in a corner of the terrace. A couple of steps lead from the terrace to the hot bath that seems to float above the city, offering great views. The smart canopy allows for the usage of the hot bath even in the rain. Smart concept, eh?

5. Niche neatness.

A narrow outdoor area is a challenge for the installation of a pool as you also need some space for sun-loungers or a table, chairs & an umbrella. This hot bath with a blue tiled exterior has been cleverly constructed as a niche. With a few steps, one reaches from the manicured garden to the somewhat elevated hot bath that even has room for an outdoor shower. The prim lawn imparts the whole setting a generously natural panache. 

6. Pure minimalism delivers!

Minimalism essentially means a no-frills design that clearly depends on the functional finesse of an element. This hot bath shines with concrete in all its puristic glory. Both the hot bath & the adjacent wall are made of concrete- sturdy, simplistic & stylish. The wall has been given a decorative upgrade through the cuboidal surface carvings that also house the lighting fixtures. 

Where are you planning to install yours?

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