17 wonderful small pool ideas for small home spaces

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When we think of having a pool, the first thing that comes to mind is a lavish inground pool in the garden. Inground pools are quite popular as is the garden for their location. However, the increasing paucity of space in urban areas has led to the designers experimenting with the pool size & pool location, and coming up with small pools decked up in innovative designs.

These days, small inground pools in outdoor spaces like terraces, patios, courtyards, etc. are gaining popularity. The small size is quite convenient to accomplish & home-owners could have the desired addition to their home within a limited space. Small courtyard pool on the rear side of the home or a small pool for the terrace could be great ideas for outdoor lounging with the loved ones.

This homify article offers 17 amazing small pool ideas that boast of different styles- modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, etc.- and prove that a lot of space is not a deciding factor for owning & enjoying a pool; a little bit of creativity & smart thoughtfulness is all you need. And these are easy on your pocket too!

Sounds exciting? Take a peek!

2. Natural coziness serenades well-rounded designer harmony.

4. Less is more for chic accents of contemporary allure.

5. The sass of humble simplicity is an uncontested winner.

6. Bedecked with the modest charm of stone & woody nobility.

7. Indoor yet outdoor- ritzy rejuvenation with a view.

8. Fenced finesse dolls up height of restful modernity.

10. Green relief adds generously to the dapper cozy essence.

11. Magnificence of minimalism is lit up in jazzy flair.

12. The welcoming depth of absolute relaxation.

13. Uncomplicated poise defying size is in vogue.

14. Shaped to exude customized panache matching the terrain.

15. Small details add dollops of convenient luxury.

16. Trendy transparency decks up compact sanctum.

17. Technology for comfortable warmth assures a cozy time in here.

Which of these fits your patio the best?

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