Scandinavian inspiration for 7 spaces in your home!

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If you have been taken in by the beauty of Scandinavian design, we think you're going to love finding out about the key motifs for each main space in your home, so that you can get the look easily and cost-effectively. Of course, you can hire a fabulous interior designer to do all of this for you, but not everyone has a budget that will stretch so far, so why don't we get started with the basics first, here, and then see if you fancy taking things to the next level? 

1. The dining room.

A key part in any family home, the dining room can be given a Scandi twist with such ease! Firstly, a wooden dining table is essential, as are retro chairs, but let's not forget the importance of simple pendulum lights as well! Wire cage shades are SO in right now and white walls are a basic staple that will always have Scandinavian overtones.

2. The kitchen.

When it comes to creating a Scandinavian kitchen, functionality and style need to be perfectly blended, with neither one being more important than the other. This is why we frequently see plain white designs, with long stretches of counter space and a gargantuan number of cabinets, but a natural wood floor will really tie everything together.

3. Attic conversions.

Thinking about taking on a loft conversion? Want to put a Scandinavian design in place at the same time? Then don't you go covering up all that glorious wood that will be used for the structure! Keeping natural material out on display will create a charming and warm ambience that is undeniable chic and Scandinavian, especially if you opt for simple textiles as well.

4. Open-plan areas.

Open-plan interior design schemes will always look and feel wonderfully Scandinavian, with any necessary divides or structures being kept minimal and, usually, monopolized by glass. You want to keep the light flowing and the furniture low, while looking to create contrasts with dark gray and white, wherever possible. This home has mastered the art!

5. Communal space.

In those areas of your home where everybody seems to naturally come together, you'll want to add some personal touches, such as art, books and photographs. We think that some soft pastel tones work well too, to up the cozy factor and create a little diversity.

6. The living room.

Your living room is a space where you rest and recuperate and in Scandinavian homes that means that you need to interact with some nature! For that reason, we are highly recommending some green accent colors and plenty of plants. The more natural materials you can include, the better, so try to add some wool throws, cotton rugs and even some wicker as well!

7. Private dens.

We love snugs and dens here in the US and they are very different to main living rooms, as they need to be a whole lot more private and cozy! Because of this, we really can't press the importance of low furniture enough, which you will find in homes throughout Scandinavia and to really get the look, add a luxury rug as well!

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Are you going to add some Scandi touches to your home now?

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