10 amazing flooring materials that imitate real wood

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Real wood flooring is wonderful but can be exceptionally expensive, which is why interior designers are seeing a huge rise in demand for imitation wood flooring options in their clients' homes. When you think about it, it does make great sense, as you get all the gorgeous aesthetics of natural wood, with added hardiness, making the look possible in formerly unheard of spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms. If you've ever fancied looking into the possibility of ceramic imitation wood flooring or any other amazing options, come with us now, as we are ready to get up close and personal with a few!

1. Wood-effect linoleum.

We bet you've never seen linoleum flooring look this much like real wood! With a soft and bouncy feeling underfoot and a timeless finish on top, this is amazing for kitchens, as it can be cleaned easily and maintained without much effort. Now that's perfect!

2. Ceramic tiles.

Ceramic wood-effect tiles look so much like the real thing that we always do a double-take when we see them! Hardwearing, stain resistant and simple to lay, we really think this is the future of cost-effective, pretty wood flooring alternatives. Don't you agree?

3. Stone tiles.

Stoneware imitation wood flooring is a good choice when you are planning an installation in a very high traffic area, as the material is naturally thicker than standard ceramics and the pattern is usually imprinted a little deeper, before being set under more glaze. Ideal for living rooms!

4. Printed vinyl.

If you like the idea of a softer material underfoot but linoleum feels too kitchen-esque for the rest of your home, you can opt for a printed vinyl, which can be laid on top of squishy underlay. You'll need a professional to lay this for you, to prevent the edges from peeling up, but it looks great!

5. Clip-lock panels.

Clip-lock imitation wood flooring is a modern innovation that came about as a result of amateur DIY enthusiasts getting fed up of trying to lay laminate neatly and without getting glue everywhere! The simplicity of installation is what makes this option so incredible, as planks simply snap together and get laid as a floating false floor! Easy!

6. Laminate flooring.

Speaking of laminate, it is still a very popular choice when real wood simply isn't an option, as it is a composite product that can have a layer of veneer on the top, to really tap into that proper wood aesthetic. Costs will vary greatly, depending on how much real wood your chosen option has.

7. Pressed laminate.

High traffic areas that are to have laminate flooring installed will often have more expensive compressed varieties, as these are able to withstand a lot of foot traffic and don't suffer damage gladly! Usually featuring more layers of composite materials under the veneer layer, they are far tougher than budget laminate alternatives.

8. Printed porcelain.

For spaces that shouldn't see too much wear and tear, printed porcelain tiles can be a super option. Porcelain flooring that imitates wood won't fool anyone, but it will impress, thanks to a gorgeous finish and an expensive vibe, but buyer beware, as they can be tricky to replace, if damaged.

9. Clip-in ceramics.

What if, and bear with us here, you have a really definite idea of what you want? Let's say you want a realistic wood effect, but on ceramic floor tiles, that clip together. Well, if you can dream it, you can probably buy it! Clip-lock ceramics are great, as they form a heavy, solid and realistic floating floor that needs little maintenance.

10. Stone planks.

Finally, we had to show you this wood-effect stone floor, which has been made to replicate proper wooden planks. The proportions of the individual tiles are what makes it so realistic and special and thanks to progress in printing techniques, the wood styling is getting more believable all the time! Wow!

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Did any of these options surprise you?

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