14 staircases perfect for small homes

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When it comes to choosing stairs for two storey houses, you might think that there are only a few different styles to consider, but you might actually be very surprised! Add to the mix a small home and suddenly, your decision becomes extra critical, which is why talented architects have been striving to design new and exciting modern staircases for small houses.

We've found 14 examples of stair design that would be amazing for any small home, so come and take a look and see which variations really appeal to you and could work in your hallway!

1. In two parts.

To make good use of a small space, consider splitting your stairs into two, with a landing halfway. When it comes to small house stairs, you really need to work with the space you have.

2. Wooden simplicity.

Open tread wooden stairs naturally look a little less bulky than traditional styles, as the light flowing through them maintains a sense of proportion. Great for tiny homes!

3. With invisible railings.

Safety is always a concern with stairs, but in a little house, you don't want to be adding bulky rails, which is why this glass version is so inspired! You can barely see it!

4. An optical illusion.

Are these stairs floating in midair? A delicate design, these treads are slim and low profile and even the metal support struts are barely noticeable. So stylish!

5. Making good use of a corner.

Stairs don't need to jut out into your home and take up valuable space, if this one is anything to go by! An absolutely perfect style for a smaller property, this wall-hugging design looks amazing and functions exactly as it should.

6. Sculpted perfection.

The natural stone stairs here are so special because they look as though they have been carved in situ. This has made for such a lovely, organic and seamless installation that looks perfectly proportional.

7. Window-adjacent.

Stair models for small houses don't need to be anything too dramatic, as you can cut through how much they impact on your interior, by installing them next to a large window. The flow of light will really open up your home!

8. A special spiral.

We couldn't talk about small home staircases without looking at spiral designs! They sit snugly in any corner and thanks to a steeper climb, take up virtually NO interior room at all. It also helps that they happen to look utterly beautiful!

9. Cantilevered creation.

Floating staircases, which seem to emerge from the wall and exist perfectly unsupported on one side are a modern engineering marvel that we adore. Talk about minimizing the impact of an installation!

10. A wraparound.

Locating your staircase in such a way as to follow a corner is exceptionally sensible, as you can wrap the structure against the wall and maximize the free space in the main part of your home. Genius!

11. Stylish and symbiotic.

This staircase might be bold in color, but thanks to being so perfectly cohesive with the wider styling of the home, it doesn't stand out as much as it should. It simply exists to serve a function and blend into the background!

12. Understated glamor.

Open treads, metal structures and glass safety rails have come together beautifully here, to create a glamorous yet not overbearing staircase fit for even the smallest of homes. It almost looks as delicate as a folding loft ladder!

13. Floating and fabulous.

How's this for a wonderfully understated narrow hallway staircase? Technically, it doesn't even touch the floor, as a platform has been built at the end of the corridor, to meet it and what an impression it makes! 

14. Low-level and lovely.

Finally, let's admire this amazing and unusual low staircase! Ideal for homes that aren't your average two storey design, the slim profile here makes for such an unobtrusive inclusion. Amazing! Who would have thought there was so much variation in staircase design?

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