7 impressive pergola ideas to deck up your garden

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The concept of Pergolas has been around since antiquity when they served as an extension to majestic villas and as a support for creepers in the garden. In the classical sense, a pergola stands in front of a residential construction & is an integral part of its architectural design. With the passage of time, a multitude of novel interpretations & variations have stormed the scene. So the range of pergola design has widened significantly for the professional experts as well as their clients.

Garden, terrace, backyard- you can install a pergola anywhere you like, to have a cozy outdoor space to relax & unwind. With a variety of styles to choose from- modern, colonial, classic, etc.- there exist numerous design possibilities to give your house exterior a comfy upgrade, be it on the front or on the rear side.

This homify story walks you through 7 wonderful pergola ideas that you can copy in your garden and add generously to the palliative natural goodness. Take a look!

1. Illuminated comfort.

A classic wooden model adjoining the covered terrace, this pergola invites you to linger with cozy hammocks as well as jazzy suspended planters. The comfy ambiance gets enhanced after sunset, when the original exterior lighting comes into play.

2. Appealing integration.

Harmoniously integrated into the architecture of the house, this pergola seamlessly adopts the modern, tidy look of the dwelling with its clean lines and radiant white color. This stylish pergola connects the home with the exterior.

3. Slatted sass for cover.

Equipped with a practical slatted roof, this one packs a singular punch of utility. Depending on the sunshine and shade preference, the slats can be inclined either half or completely, or entirely kept shut to provide the desired shade.

4. The fabric coziness.

Simply covering your pergola with cloth will offer pleasant shade. This also doubles up as a means of privacy if you stay on the ground floor and don't want the prying neighbors above to constantly peep in.

5. Shielded for a gala time.

A complete roofing of the pergola, as shown here, helps protect against inclement weather particularly when you decide to have your party outdoors. This one is perfect for those memorable family get-togethers with delectable goodies & snug leisure. 

6. Added seat of respite.

If you have a large garden, you can conveniently employ a pergola to create a cozy seating area amidst the greens & to offer a visual treat as well! This example beautifully shows how teaming up the pergola in the garden with the pool area can create an ideal setting for outdoor repose.

7. Corridor charm.

A pergola need not always involve a seat on the terrace or in the garden. It can very well be a kind of a semi-covered corridor that connects different areas of the garden or, as visible here, a structural element along the pool. In the less puristic version, you can have such a pergola corridor adorned with grape vines or roses, thereby lending it an idyllic flair.

When are you adding the pergola jazz to your garden?

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