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Sometimes it seems that all of our walls are crying out for us to make them stand out so that they don't just blend in anonymously to the surrounding decor. If you take a moment to have a look at your walls, you'll notice that they are crying out for a reason! Are your walls being neglected? 

But once we have identified our empty walls, there is only one question left to ask: what is the best solution to liven them up?

And there are many! 

We can hang decorative elements on them, we can paint them a beautiful colour and we can even rebuild them to give them texture and character. All of this depends on your taste and style and how you want it to fit into the rest of your home. 

Of course some solutions will be easier than others, but it all depends on your needs and your desires, as well as the amount of energy that you have to innovate!

And as we know, it is always nice to have several ideas… so if you continue reading you will find some ideas that will make your walls look fabulous. They no longer need to be an over sight!

Natural feature wall

If you like the idea of giving the wall some character, texture and colour, using stones is a great tip! It will not affect the composition of the wall but it will add something truly incredible to the space. It will also eliminate any sense of emptiness.  

Jeost Architects has done just this on the wall above the main staircase, in this beautiful rustic home. These experts show how this feature can make a wall look absolutely fantastic so that it becomes the protagonist of a space. 

Don't you love the colour of these stones?

Daring colours

If you want to see your walls completely change but you aren't convinced by the idea of adding decorative elements to the space, then we have a solution for you—colour!

You may not want to add decorative elements because the room is already ornate and over-decorated, so you don't want to over-saturate it with more detail! Or maybe you just don't like walls that have too many things on them.

Whatever the reason is, if you want to move away from plain and bland walls then colour is the solution. And if you really want to move away from the neutral and the subtle, you may want to go for bold and bright!

Look at this yellow wall by Neue Wiener Werkstätte. How gorgeous does it look? The only thing that you must remember is that colours like these need balance to avoid it being too over the top.

Colour and texture is incredibly important, so we also invite you to read this great book of ideas: 5 Façades Before And After: Amazing Transformations!

Add interesting art

As we've seen, with a simple change of colour, we can make a wall completely transform a room. But if you're more into accessories than colours, then this idea to create a collage is key—and will totally captivate you! 

And it's really simple to do. All you have to do is choose several framed pictures for the wall—they can be totally different with multiple textures, colours and frames. Or they can work together to form a larger artwork. 

The point here is that the artwork or pictures will highlight the wall, which we can see clearly here in this design by Allan Malouf Architects & Interiors

Add stickers or paint a mural

This is our fourth idea, which transforms your wall with gorgeous shapes or designs, without having to do any permanent work to your walls.

You can show your tastes and your talents by designing your own wall art or you can choose from a local supplier. Then all that's left to do is stick it on!

If you're steady with a paint brush, you can also paint your own designs onto the wall, displaying your personality and your unique style. 

For example here, MC Design features a simple but beautiful painting, which is full of creativity and style. 

Do a little upcycling

Quayside Mix Distressed Wood Effect Tiles The London Tile Co. Walls & flooringTiles
The London Tile Co.

Quayside Mix Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

The London Tile Co.

What better way to fill a void by creating a wooden wall? Not only does it sound great, but it looks even better! Check out this wall by The London Tile Co. and you will be convinced! 

This concept has two fantastic benefits that provide life and personality to a space, just by utilising the wall. The first benefit is that the wood captivates someone walking through this space, with different shades and colours. The second benefit is that wood can be placed in a variety of different designs, creating a unique and trendy style. 

Add some decorative storage

It seems like a simple item, but put a few shelves onto an empty wall space and you can create a platform for all sorts of other decorative elements such as a vase, a painting, a picture or some candles. 

Or, like in this photograph, you can create a beautiful rack where you can store your keys or your purse.

Check out these awesome wall products for more shelving ideas. 

A beautiful vertical garden

This green idea is the last of the options in this Ideabook, where we hope that we have inspired you to take your walls to the next level so that they no longer look lonely or isolated.  

For this idea, you need to gather a variety of plants suited to interior spaces to create a green wall, otherwise referred to as a vertical garden. 

Just look at this fantastic design by Biuro Projektowe MTM Styl, where nature is providing us with the perfect elements for the most amazing décor! No matter the size or the style of the house, it manages to bring tranquillity and a fresh look to any space.

With these ideas, you'll see that transforming your home doesn't mean tearing down the walls or making drastic changes. It can be simple, easy and fun!

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