6 tips for choosing the perfect painting for your living room

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Art is truly one of the greatest elements of design and also the element with the deepest and richest history.  With styles, colours and a multitude of diverse media, it is hard to not find something that you like.  Art is also convenient in that it can suffice for various budgets and different sizes of homes.

Adding art to your living space can transform the mood, setting and visual environment—as well as create space optimization where you have stark and bland walls.  However, as stated before, with the amount and accessibility of all types of art, making the right decision when it comes to purchasing art can be problematic for most.  Here we have listed six tips for choosing the perfect painting for your living room—whether it's a cramped one-bedroom apartment, or a glorious large entertaining area!

Interior lighting

Most homeowners don't realize that choosing, purchasing and positioning the right kind of living room art is really only half the battle.  Creating the right environment with lighting is the other half.  If you have a great piece, it more than likely isn't being played up to its full potential and being appropriately highlighted.

Choosing the right lighting in order to highlight and accentuate your work is a great pro tip. As seen here, this art work consists of a canvas-made vertical garden.  The lighter colour of this entire room also works well with the triad of minimalist light fixtures chosen to highlight this piece.  To see how great lighting works in darker spaces, check out this example.

Style and theme

Choosing art based on a common theme in your home or living room is also a great idea.  An example of choosing art based on style and theme would be like the example shown here—this living room is of a more Scandinavain-minimalist style, so the homeowner chose a sleek, modern graphic print that perfectly plays off the furnishings and quirky decor in the rest of the room.

If your style is more eclectic, then your options are truly endless—and if you have more specific tastes then make sure you firstly choose something that aesthetically speaks volumes to you and also matches the theme of your room.

Another great example of matching art to your living room style is here!

Harmonizing the colours of the room

Playing with the various colours in you room is another way to make choosing the right art a little easier on yourself.  This room certainly has a lot of different colour and style elements—but the most commonly occurring colours are shades of blue and brown.  The art work provided in this living room combines the two in quite an elegant manner by keeping the prints active and interesting and the frames a lighter shade of brown that play off the darker brown coffee table!


Art can typically speak for itself and start great conversations over dinner parties—but sometimes the prints and canvases that we choose can use a little extra help.  The way you frame your works, with both wall colour and the actual frame can make all the difference.

This large-scale, abstract print is so incredible in this room because it provides a pop of colour to the otherwise neutral and minimal space.  The sleek, wooden black frame is complimentary to all the activity in the work and doesn't take away, whatsoever, from the artistic content at hand.

And then again, other times it's okay to not use a frame at all—like this great example!

Visual balance

Proving to be good at visually organizing a room can be a challenge for most, and that's ok.  Depending on your ability to envision your space with, or without, certain items can be tough.  However, if you analyze the primary colours in your living room in order to decide on a particular work of art, we suggest you match the art work to the tiniest hints of colours.  

For example, in this living room, the colours are essentially neutral, except for the bright blue rug.  The painting is the only other item in the room that matches the brightness of the rug, as well as the stark whites and blacks that also play with the pillows and coffee table. Making your room visually stimulating, yet balanced can be a feat in itself—so ask for advice and look through some magazines. Before you know it, you'll be on to it!

Space optimization

If you see a grand, wide wall in your living room sitting stark and bare, there is no better way to optimize the space than to add art.  It's the easiest, and often least expensive option you can have!

This tiny living room offers a wide wall, with minimal, yet bright furnishings.  The amalgamation of different sizes and styles of art—as well as different shapes of frames adds a dimension to this room that would otherwise be lost with a large canvas print, or better yet, nothing at all!

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