A penthouse apartment that went to town with the lighting

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We all know that penthouse apartments have a tendency to be upmarket and high-end, but we are going to show you one today that takes things to a whole other level, thanks to the lighting! If you're expecting to see standard lights, you are seriously underestimating the interior designer in charge of the project, but don't worry, as this tour is going to illuminate you as to the best ways to light a home! Shall we take a look?

A wow-factor living room.

Admittedly, we were expecting an mostly white, minimal and chic living room as soon as we knew this was a penthouse, but we could have never guessed that it would look THIS good! The sleek furniture, the dramatic wall stripe and that inset ceiling edge lighting? Utterly inspiring! But we've only just begun!

Dining out in great style.

Here, you can get a really great feel for how special the decor is throughout this wonderful apartment. Glossy white cabinets maintain the minimalist vibe that the living room introduced, but it's the lighting, both natural and artificial, that is the real star of the show. Big, undressed windows, pendulum lights and inset kick-panel strip lighting are all coming together to dazzle and delight!

No such thing as perfunctory!

Even the hallways in this apartment are spectacular! We had to show you the lighting and mirrors at work here, with natural light flowing in as well. Gorgeous!

The ultimate master bedroom.

Climb the stairs in this incredible duplex and you'll find the upper floor to be a haven of privacy, not to mention chic style! this master bedroom has us going crazy for minimalist style, what with more of those elegant gloss white cabinets in place and that bed! We need to take a moment over the bed itself, as it is out there! The super wide inset fire must be a terrific source of ambient lighting as well. Very romantic!

Even in the bathroom…

… you'll find terrific lighting! We need to show you a couple of snaps, just so you get a really good feel for the subtle yet effective lighting installations, so let's start with this gorgeous tub shot! The miniature cube wall lights look so tiny, but thanks to projecting light up the wall, they work beautifully!

Perfect for the morning.

Alongside the minimal decor, we are getting some real Art Deco vibes as well. These linear fixtures are definitely fitting with that and create such a sparkling slice of symmetry. They might be small but they are fantastically functional, which sort of sums up the whole apartment! Understated, subtle and yet at the same time, MIND-BLOWING!

Natural light at its best.

We couldn't leave without showing you the pinnacle of penthouse terraces! Seriously, the gorgeous vista offers the perfect location for a large dining table and a built-in grilling station! What you can't see here, is that if you look to the right, there is a sumptuous sunken jacuzzi, which then leads to a lovely seating area. We'd be happy to just live out here, never mind inside the apartment!

Charming relaxation.

What a note to end on! Striking wood decking has offered up the perfect base for low-level corner seating, which allows you to just drink in those views, whenever the weather allows. Or even when it doesn't, thanks to the angled parasol! This apartment might be the definition of a home that has it all. 

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Would this penthouse suit you down to the ground?

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