Coziness redefined: 15 exquisite living rooms!

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The living room is one such common space where we spend a significant chunk of our time indoors. It follows without doubt that the design for the living room needs to be tasteful & welcoming. The furniture, furnishings, upholstery, lighting, floors and decor all need to be in perfect harmony with one another so that whatever the style of the living room- modern, classic, colonial, country or a mix of different styles- the ambiance is cozy, warm and appealingly inviting.

In this article, homify offers you 15 beautiful examples of living rooms dolled up in different styles by interior designers, that share one commonality- pleasing functional finesse of all the elements with a fetching visual harmony between them. Have a closer look at these & take your pick for the most inspiring ones to copy. Get, set, go!

1. Cream preponderance in spaciously elegant pizzazz.

2. Colonial poise bedecks breezy vibrancy.

3. Classical sass courts symmetrical flair.

4. Chic minimalist suggestions are openly convenient.

5. Contemporary magic of white voguishly endorses the niche of comfort.

6. Luminous luxury complements designer magnificence.

7. Old-world charm exudes snug warmth.

8. This one shouts lavish accents, neat panache & uncomplicated singularity.

9. Serenity in wood & white- assurance of ageless allure.

10. Melodious notes of delightful coziness nail it here!

11. Natural poise meets traditional trendiness.

12. Sober tones serenade winsome brilliance to ooze simplistic jazz.

13. Geometric grace & modish linearity amp it up.

14. Shaped in style with a promise of family-size repose.

15. Neutral hues of prim unassuming originality.

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