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9 Fun Beds for Toddlers

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When a child transitions from a crib to a bed, it is a very important time. It signifies growth, development and maturity. Their first bed is an important place, a place where memories are made, personalities are developed and independence is created. Get a toddler bed that feels fun, welcoming and full of individuality.

These toddler bed designs will have any toddler ready to graduate from crib to their very own bed!

Race car kid

For the toddler who is obsessed with cars, this bed is perfect. It is literally in the shape of a car so fun and special for any toddler!

The blue bed has the frame of a fast race car and the designer finished off the look with matching blue sheets.  The walls of the car are a bit raised to protect from any roll off. Going along with the city backdrop of the bedroom, this toddler bed is super fun. Any child will be anxious for bedtime with this toddler bed.

Minimalist fun

Echo Toddler Bed Room Layout Bebemoda Modern Kid's Room

Echo Toddler Bed Room Layout


For a sleek, modern, and minimalist look, this toddler bed nails it. The bed is a light, unfinished wood colour. The shape is a really cool design, with high corners to ensure the toddler won’t roll off. The shape and colour of the bed is very modern, and with its crisp, clean lines, is very minimalist as well. The bed matches the huge and equally amazing doll house. Overall, this toddler bed is for the ultra sleek, modern room.

Toddler playhouse

​l-shaped dormer loft conversion clapham homify Modern Kid's Room

​l-shaped dormer loft conversion clapham


Want to make bedtime fun? Try incorporating a toddler bed that looks just like a playhouse. It doesn’t get more playful and fun than this. This toddler bed literally sits on top of a super cool playhouse. The playhouse has its own doors and two windows, making it feel private and realistic. A ladder leads up to the actual bed part, which feels more like a roof for the playhouse, with high walls on all sides. Lastly there is a great stacked bookcase on the side of the bed, perfect to tuck in favourite bedtime stories.

Cosy castle

This toddler bed is a cosy oasis, fit for a king or queen. The bed sits high against a wall, close to the ceiling, feeling like one is resting above their kingdom. The edge of the bed is shaped like the top of a castle, literally giving it the royal feeling. Against that wall of the bed is a small shelf, perfect for storing those favourite bedtime stories. Finished with cosy blankets and a stuffed animal, this toddler bed perfectly merges comfort with royalty.

Playful bunk

Looking for double the pleasure, double the fun for two toddlers? Go with an easy, breezy bunk bed. This bunk bed is perfect for two siblings, or even one toddler who hosts a lot of sleepovers! The bunks are finished with light wood and white accents. Both the top and bottom bunk have secure railing. A short ladder connects the two bunks, and the bottom bunk has a cool “window” on the side. These bunk beds are so playful and cool bedtime will be any toddler’s favourite time of day.

Dual function

This toddler bed is amazing for the future CEO, hard worker in any toddler. The bottom is a super cool “office area”, with a built in desk. The top of the bunk is the sleep area, with protective high walls. The bed is finished in a light wood, keeping the space light and airy. But the dual functionality of this bed is what makes it super unique, and modern! It’s the ultimate space saver, and is definitely full of personality.

Storage solution

This toddler bed is highly functional, and stylish. The white and blue wood bed incorporates great colour and contrast to the room, while keeping the space light and airy. At the bottom of the bed are several storage drawers, in blue, perfect for storing clothes, books, and other items. The sides of the bed are high, perfect for a toddler transitioning from a crib. There is also a cute blue embellishment on the high side of the bed. Finished with a fun patterned blanket, this toddler bed is both comfortable and functional.


This bed is a modern take on the fun race car bed. The bed is made of white wood, with sleek, sharp lines and a high railing perfect for toddlers. What makes this bed truly unique are the yellow wheels, much like car wheels, yet super modern and posh. The white and yellow colour keeps the bed modern and updated, while the low setting and the hip wheels makes it look oh so cool.

House of bed

This toddler bed is so eclectic and fun, with its cool roof that is shaped like a house, and even has two windows. Across the roof is a stylish bar where ribbon and lights hang from, perfect for a reading a bedtime story before lights out. The bed itself is wide and comfortable. The bonus part is the storage beneath the bed, three drawers which are perfect for storing a toddler’s clothing, books, toys and more. This bed is a great piece of art, a definite focal point of the room, bringing in much personality and style into this toddler’s room.

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