10 modern kitchens to inspire you to bedeck your own

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Room decorators and designers have time & again emphasized on functional soundness alongside visual appeal for living spaces, and kitchens are no different. Big or small, L-shaped or narrow, every kitchen can be given a versatile multi-functional character that goes a long way in adding to its desirability.

Today’s homify story is all about modern kitchens that will simply blow your mind. Tastefully done with oodles of practicality, these kitchens have elements made of a variety of materials like ceramics, wood, metal, stone, etc.

Irrespective of the size of the kitchen and the design employed by kitchen planners, all these smashing kitchens share a commonality- an aesthetic clarity that beautifully combines functional finesse with chic form. And these offer something for every budget! Excited? Let’s have a closer look!

1. Dapper in dark.

Dark colors are best used if your kitchen has large windows. Here, dark wood meets the radiant white of floor & ceiling while accent colors like light gray & cream break the monochrome look. Additional lighting fixtures installed on the ceiling ensure optimal lighting.

2. Traditional meets contemporary.

For those who love natural materials like wood but don't want a completely rustic look, a jazzy mix of traditional & modern elements is a great option. In this image, the warm woody kitchen with the stainless steel elements looks bucolic yet modern. The patterned red blind at the window adds a vibrant touch & works harmoniously with the neutral, warm hues.

3. Chromatic combo for charisma.

A mix of colors is always a good idea, when done thoughtfully. In this kitchen,  the dark brown combines with the shiny, anthracite-colored textured wall to give a pleasant result. The overhead cabinets lend an exciting contrast without losing the harmony.

4. The neatness of neutral hues.

Neutral tones are a safe bet, assuring that you will not go wrong wherever you use them. In this image you can see how stylish & elegant a light brown tone can be. Along with the white floor & the few black elements, brown brings in a wonderful warm & modish poise.

5. Wood & white- evergreen & ageless.

The magnificent minimalism of this kitchen looks striking with the timeless allure of noble wood and pure white. The tidy design focuses on the essentials, doing away with any embellishments & also cabinet handles. This makes the kitchen look larger, prim & stylish.

6. Bespoke beauty is built-in!

A kitchen specifically designed as per your own space, a built-in kitchen, is the perfect one for limited space. Here, the key is optimally using all the available space. As you can see in this kitchen, the major chunk of it is sitting directly on the wall, which is why ample storage space is available. In addition, it has a small island that can be used for cooking or as an added working counter. The light wooden floor serves to separate the white kitchen area from the rest of the room.

7. The luxurious isle.

Radiant white complements light wood elements & shiny stainless steel: the smart combination of materials employed in this kitchen is noteworthy. The generous kitchen island is used for cooking as well as a worktop. Through a simple, attached wooden board & a couple of comfy chairs, a snug breakfast bar has been created wherein you can enjoy a quick meal as you chat with your loved one working in the kitchen.

8. Singular sass defies size.

For kitchens low on dimensions, practicality & functional richness are of paramount importance. But surely you would not want one sans an appealing design! A perfect well rounded mini kitchen is shown here, that has been smartly integrated into the cabinet system. Although very small, it inspires with clear lines, harmonious colors & a tidy look bearing intelligent storage solutions.

9. Sizably hearty.

In this large kitchen facilitating countless design options, it is the purist & modern look that is the best fit. Natural earthy tones combined with white & the minimalist design are easy on the eyes apart from being urbane, uncomplicated & extremely functional. Particularly graceful is the anthracite colored floor, which adds an elegant contrast.

10. Classic in gray.

A large island for food prep and eat homify Modern Kitchen Wood Brown Island,food preparation,eating area,modern kitchen,matte kitchen,stainless steel,eye level appliances

A large island for food prep and eat


Classic modernity of gray with warmth of light wood, glossy accents & sparkling stainless steel- winsome AND wholesome indeed!

Does your modern kitchen pack a modish punch?

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