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Mirrored furniture can take any room from ordinary to extraordinary by packing giant punch and wow factor. This look can be eclectic, modern, elegant and more, depending on the taste and style desired. One thing is for sure, adding mirrored furniture to a room will transform it, becoming a centerpiece and work of art, guaranteed to make the room much more special.

Regal console

This entire home drips with elegance and class, but it is the piece of mirrored furniture that really sets it over the top. The regal console sits in the hallway, against a wall that holds a large, matching mirror. The console is fitted with mirrored panels, slim in size, that gives it the regal and unique look. These mirrored panels continue to the two mirrors in the hallway, making this a perfect triplet set. The surface of the console is solid, which nicely balances out the panels. The end result is a hallway that feels like royalty, largely due to the beautiful piece of mirrored furniture.

Mirrored tub

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark Drummonds Bathrooms Scandinavian style bathroom
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark

Drummonds Bathrooms

This tub is such a beautiful, and large focal point of this classic yet modern bathroom. The mirrored tub is a stand alone tub, in the center of the bathroom. Near the window, it seems to attract and reflect light, making the space feel and look even larger. The tub is ultra deep, with a sleek, modern shape that helps mix the classic look of the bathroom with modernity. This tub is a unique, eye-catching piece of mirrored furniture that makes this bathroom look like luxury.

Eclectic bar

For an ultra cool and eclectic bar area, this mirrored bar brings in so much personality. The bar is a unique U shape, which is super modern and eclectic. The mirrored curves help reflect light and images, which makes this piece of mirrored furniture pop even more against the brick walls of the room. The bar, along with the edgy brick wall of the room, provides a perfect combination of style and texture to create the ultimate eclectic bar.

Cool surface

Living Rom homify Modern Living Room

Living Rom


To add just a peak of mirrored furniture into a room, try this table. The table features mirrored surfaces on gold stem legs. The shape is circular with half circle side tables that can be added or taken away. This gives the super modern look a great touch of functionality. It also looks quite unique all together. It’s not too overwhelming, so it is perfect for anyone who wants to add mirrored furniture to their space but doesn’t want the piece to be too overpowering. This table adds a lot of style and jazz to the room, a perfect piece of mirrored furniture.

Perfect drawers

4 Draw Mirrored Unit Century Mills BedroomBedside tables
Century Mills

4 Draw Mirrored Unit

Century Mills

This slim chest of drawers is the perfect piece for anyone looking to make a large statement with mirrored furniture. The piece is slim, not taking up too much room. With its four drawers, it is a perfect storage piece in a hallway, bedroom, or living room. With its beige border, the mirrored parts pop out even more, and look more defined. Finally the mirrored surface is perfect for placing a plant, books, or even resting a drink on in the evening.

Dream bar cabinet

Antiqued Mirror Cocktail Cabinet Rupert Bevan Ltd Dining roomWine racks
Rupert Bevan Ltd

Antiqued Mirror Cocktail Cabinet

Rupert Bevan Ltd

This bar cabinet is ultra chic, ultra hip, and ultra amazing! The cabinet is bordered in dark wood, which looks really nice against the mirrored doors and siding. The cabinet itself has four doors that open outward, and inside is the ultimate bar. There’s enough room for bottles and stemware, all displayed neatly and fashionably. There are even lights inside the cabinet, to illuminate the contents inside. The lights also highlight the mirrored doors even more, giving a really cool, bright look. The mirrored doors reflect off each other, making this cabinet feel super 3-dimensional and as if it goes on forever. This mirrored furniture is the ultimate dream bar cabinet.

Mirrored elegance

Clapham, SW4 Build Team Modern Living Room
Build Team

Clapham, SW4

Build Team

This coffee table is the perfect piece of mirrored furniture for anyone wanting to add elegance into his or her living room. The table is a long rectangular shape, classic in cut and style. The table top is what really makes this table, it is mirrored, and looks really elegant against the white base of the table. The designer chose to decorate the room with a light coloured palette, which flows well with the table as it reflects the light and colours from the other furnishings. This table is great for displaying books, as shown here. It ties in this room beautifully, definitely completing the look of this room, which is one of high elegance and style.

Rounded surface

This mirrored furniture is unique because of its shape and design. The round table looks really hip in the room, and adds a touch of modernity to the style. The surface is mirrored, which adds the personality to the piece. The mirrored surface reflects the light from the also round chandelier above, making the room seem illuminated with  much light. The sides of the table are a solid white, which gives this piece a really nice texture and makes it more unique.

Fun cubes

These two cubes add a touch of fun and great style to this bedroom, completely unexpected. These mirrored cubes are a chic, small size, which placed in front of the large bed, gives this room a nice little pop of style and uniqueness. The cubes are perfect to put books on, trays, or even sit on. They add a really great sense of design to the space and makes the bedroom look more modern.

Perfect bedside

This little bedside table is a great piece of mirrored furniture. It is unique with its mirrored panels on the front, which gives it great texture, and adds to the multiple textures of the bedroom. The top of the table is solid, perfect for adding a colourful plant. This bedside table reflects the light and textures from the room, almost flowing so well that it looks like it blends into the velvet fabrics of the room. The end result is a room that looks and feels luxurious.

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