​35 great ideas for walls of stone and brick

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Have you ever walked into a house and asked yourself: “What’s missing”? Sometimes a room just needs that extra little touch to make it stand out more, and for these instances we definitely recommend a wall surface clad in stone or brick. 

Of course a multitude of options await you should you want to go this route, from raw brick and granite to slate and sandstone – and many many more! They can be used to style up anything from hallways and niches to front façades and dining room focal walls. And just think of the possibilities once different colours come into play!

Let’s look at some visual stimulation for further inspiration…

1. How’s this bold stone wall for a kitchen backsplash?

2. A focal piece in your living room, perhaps?

3. Be sure to add the proper illumination to really make that raw surface stand out.

4. A stone wall is the ideal choice to add a rustic touch to a space.

5. A stone-clad wall can give new character to a dead space, like a hallway.

6. Now this is how you make your staircase stand out even more.

7. How about adding some delicious texture to those wall niches?

8. A stone wall in a snow-white hue? So magical!

9. Combining different stones, like slate and quartzite, leads to an entire new realm of design possibilities.

10. A rustic stone wall combined with classic furniture? Simply unforgettable.

11. With such an exposed brick wall in the kitchen, you don’t really need additional wall art pieces.

12. Be sure to add elements that draw even more attention to that stone wall, like this fabulous mirror.

13. Gone are the days when a simple corner wall was just space.

14. This living room, minus the stone wall, would surely not have the same style power.

15. This stone wall knows how to make a great first impression in this entryway.

16. How about alternating between full-stone and half-stone walls?

17. Who wouldn’t want to style up their fireplace like this?

18. Should you want to coat all four walls of a room in rustic stone, be sure to soften the furnishings and colour palette.

19. How perfect does this stone wall go with the exposed ceiling beams?

20. The brick-wall design is no stranger to industrial-style spaces.

21. This is definitely one way for your cooking space to gather attention.

22. Combined with other elements like a wooden ceiling, a stone wall can help to make an entire room seem warmer and cosier.

23. How about coating the exterior façade of your house with natural stone?

24. A bedroom with such a striking brick wall in the background? One almost doesn’t need to add in a headboard!

25. A brick wall can make a picture gallery become much more prominent.

26. Thanks to ceramic brick, this kitchen flaunts quite the contemporary character.

27. Where there’s a (brick) wall, there’s a way!

28. This tiny piece of stone decoration is just enough to ensure some raw character.

29. Another fantastic advantage of an exposed brick wall? It adds stunning pattern to a space.

30. Would you dare try out this dark and decadent stone combination in your home?

31. Stone walls with a wooden floor? Such a homey and welcoming vibe!

32. Depending on their colours, stone walls can be as cool or warm as you want them to be.

33. See how creatively this grey stone wall mimics the metal bookcase’s hues.

34. The red-brick wall in the background fits in perfectly with the rest of the room’s colour palette.

35. A wall clad in natural stone should be left open to breathe. The occasional wall art piece is fine, but allow it to flaunt its natural beauty.

Of course stone isn’t our only option; check out these 10 vibrant examples of amazing accent walls.

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