11 wooden cabins that will give you holiday home vibes

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When we think of wooden cabin homes, harmonious family holidays, great food and that certain smell that only log cabins have all come to mind. These are the memories that invoke serious nostalgia and a desire to get away from it all for a few days, out in the country, which is why we want to show you a plethora of GORGEOUS cabins today! We think that you deserve a break too and if you've ever considered purchasing a holiday home, this will be all the convincing that you need!

The architects that designed each of these striking cabins had a clear vision to stay true to the traditional beauty of wood cabins, but to add some modern home comforts and nuances as well and we know that you're going to be spoilt for choice in terms of which style you finally commission! Let's take a look and start planning out own holiday homes!

1. Wow factor warmth!

Laid out in a fabulous L-shape, this orangey cabin is everything we'd expect from a holiday home! Secluded, inviting and a welcome antidote to the hustle and bustle of real life, can't you just imagine rocking up to this house with all the family in tow?

2. Ranch style!

A more traditional looking cabin home, this dark wood one-storey property has the stature and presence of a fantastic ranch house! Sat proud on the site, overlooking a charming view, it is so stoic!

3. Simplicity captured perfectly.

If you don't want anything too over the top in terms of architectural design, how about a really pared back and simple cabin home, like this one? Ideal for a proper country retreat, we would be tempted to negate even adding a television inside!

4. Dark at heart.

How delightful! The combination of black and red wood here, plus rustic stonework, has created a devilishly intriguing country cabin home that we would LOVE to live in for a few blissful weeks every year. The sloping site has been accounted for wonderfully as well.

5. Perfect for the setting.

Given how unfussy the setting is here, it made perfect sense to install a super simple cabin home,but we don't think it looks even remotely basic, do you? Finished in a rich red stain, the aesthetic is undeniably fun and welcoming and we suspect that a charming open-plan interior can be found inside!

6. A little luxury.

Ok, well this house didn't get the memo that country cabins are meant to be all about getting back to nature, but we can't be angry, as it looks so luxurious! What could be nicer than a hike during the day and a refreshing dip in the afternoon? Dreamy!

7. Muted and marvellous.

So many wooden cabin homes are finished in a vibrant stain color and while we really like the look, we have to admit that this subtle, mature and almost moody-looking cabin has a real appeal! Far more in-keeping wit the mountainous surroundings, the gray and brown hues here are just beautiful. 

8. The ultimate in country retreats.

Well! We don't think it would be fair to call this a simple cabin home, but it IS fabulous! Expansive, indulgent and designed to play host to a large family, we imagine that owning something like this would very quickly lead to the main home in the city being left behind! How could you not live here full time?

9. A touch of the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean holiday chalets are amongst the most gorgeous and we think we can see some influences in this striking cabin! Understated landscaping, rustic stone details and a luxurious pool  really are coming together to create a picture-perfect holiday home!

10. Back to nature.

What we love about this cabin is that a serious focus on architectural detailing has been maintained! So often, we see wooden homes that are exceptionally plain, but here, soft arches and pretty stonework contribute to a more impressive and covetable property. It certainly doesn't hurt that the gardens are fantastic too!

11. Relaxation guaranteed.

Perched up on a slope, this warm and enticing wooden cabin home looks as proud as punch! Built in line with a long and open design, there is a sense of really saying goodbye to complicated layouts and private spaces for a few days and we love the idea! 

For more cabin inspiration, take a look at this article: A modern cabin in the woods.

Are you even more tempted to buy a holiday cabin now?

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