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The house's facade is the first impression that visitors get of your home. Its like a business card and a quick scan lets people create their perceptions about you and your home. The color used on the facade of the house is therefore and without a doubt of prime importance. 

When it comes to facade colors, the choice is endless. There is so much to choose from color tones, textures and shades but you want to make sure you choose the color that can take the elements of nature for years before you choose a fresh paint for the facade. Think about the location of the house and the weather conditions in the region. Its fascinating to see beach houses in bright cheerful colors but the same shades would not bear well for a city house. Houses in colder regions are usually paler that their tropical counterparts. So how does one really know whats best suited? 

Here we present some tips for that perfect colors for your house facade.

Light Facade With A Darker Roof

A lighter tone facade color in off white, white, pale yellow or even pale orange is perfect in this idyllic setting with tress and open spaces all around. The color blends in well with its surroundings without disturbing the balance. A darker roof sets the appearance that cannot be ignored but isn't loud at the same time. 

In many cases, such sober colors are often mandated by the management of a gated community or local government bodies in order to maintain harmony and sense of community and uniformity. This may work well when you do not want to choose a color on your own but it is well established that this is a classic color you can't go wrong with.

Walls And Roof In Same Color

If choosing contrasting colors is not your best talent then opt for this simple yet effective color scheme of using the same color in different shades. Except the classic white windows, everything else is in shade of beige, be it the walls, roof or the porch. The railings too are in a shade of brown lending a quiet sophistication to the house. The colors and design create an eye catching house that stands out on its own without being over the top. Uniform and well put together is what best describes it.

Bright Roof Dark Facade

This color palette is not for everyone but it is just so unique. Its not everyday that you pass by a house with a black facade! This country house is a perfect canvas for this shade as the large garden in front lends it a sense of space which would otherwise seem restricting by the use of black. The natural surroundings of the house lend beautifully to the stone roofs that complement the wall colors. 

Materials Mix

Sometimes its best to not choose a color at all and simply make use of the building materials on the facade of the house. Glass, stone, wood and metal can all be used both as building materials as well as facades themselves without a coat of paint to change their appearance. Glass walls with curtains or blinds of your choice offer limitless possibilities. Combining stone columns with plastered walls or combination with metal in the balcony can lend a one-of-a-kind look to the house. However, not all materials are suitable for different geographic regions. Too sunny and the reflection from glass and metals can be blinding to the visitors' eyes or heat up the metal and bring temperatures up, both indoors and outdoors.

Facade Color As Per The House Style

The design, location and style of the house is very important when choosing the right house facade color. When you have a country house like this one in the middle of a forest, then painting the facade with a bright pink is not a good idea at all! Country brings notions of earthy and low maintenance, therefore the green works very well. Even a brown for that matter would suit perfectly. Also, when its a house in an area that's going to bear the brunt of bright sunshine and incessant rains, it makes sense to go for a color that wouldn't look worn out in a couple of seasons. The rather unrefined colors are suited best.

A Classic Home

The classic combination of white with greyish green lends a beautiful impression to the onlookers. Its hard to go unnoticed though still so subdued! The white walls and windows blend perfectly with the color tone on all windows, the fence and the gate. Topping it all is the brick roof in its natural color which makes the house look simple yet stunning. You don't really need hugely contrasting colors to make a house look striking, a simple combination of just two pale colors can do wonders too.

The Baroque Look

Which facade color will look best for my house? If Baroque is your style, then why just limit it to the interiors? Go all baroque for the exterior too. A play of light and illusion is an important aspect of this style of design and when it comes to the facade, what all can you do?

Use of ornate design and exquisite materials may not suit today's modern day house, but inspiration is what can be taken. So use wood with a marble look if you cannot use real marble or use gypsum to guild the facade when gold cannot be afforded. Its all about creating a look and bringing it all together harmoniously with is surroundings so that the house becomes eye catching architecture and not an eyesore, completely out of place! 

Renaissance Façade Anyone?

To have a renaissance inspired facade can be a bold undertaking. Majestic, detailed, ornate and sometimes over the top, is what comes to mind when thinking of renaissance era. The use of columns, arches, statues and fountains is a common feature of this style of architecture.

Renaissance style building designs are often found in three variants, natural stone, plastered facades or veneer.The use of grey and its tones is most prominent. Brown and red against a white wall was another favorite in that era. When the house construction is so detailed, facade color can be ideally hushed, but contrasting colors may also be used to create an even bigger visual impact.

Rome Inspired Facades

Use of geometric stone squares placed on top of each other with minimal ornamentation and relatively small windows, made Romanesque style of architecture  a massive and heavy one. Pure natural stone was the material of choice which was then decorated in colorful palettes. The thick walls are a desirable feature that allow beautiful ornamentation on the wall and possibilities of varied facade colors for the house. 

Done with the facade, so how about some ideas for the roof? Take a look at the top roofing materials for your home for some brilliant tips.

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