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When redecoration is on your mind, there is so much you can do. From a complete makeover by remodeling the house, changing or redesigning the entire furniture to smaller changes like rearranging the sofas, adding indoor plants or just adding few accessories; your budget and time will dictate how much and what you can do. Walls, however need to always be just the right color and texture else, it can undo what other improvements you have tried to make. You can you give your home a completely new look without any other investment in new furniture or upholstery just by updating the wall to the latest trending colors. We at homify are here to give you a handpicked list of latest in wall color trends of 2017. From drab to fab; your home will don a new look with these colors.

The Elegant Purple and Violet

Out goes the blue and pink of 2016 and in comes the predominant purple and violet of 2017. Use them individually or in combination and see your home transformed to an elegant new. The colors cannot be ignored and your walls are bound to add some personality to your home, making it more eclectic, creative, contemporary and trendy ofcourse.

The Subdued Pastel Green And Grey

Pastels have always been a safe and therefore popular choice for wall colors. They not only provide a neutral palette for other colors in home furnishing, they also bring about a sense of harmony and quiet. The combination of pastel green with grey offers a fresh perspective to the standalone pastel colored walls. This combination in the living room walls sets a perfect backdrop for a subdued and relaxed yet chic space in the house.

The Timeless White

White does not seem to go out of fashion yet and continues to be one of the trendy wall colors of 2017. How can we ignore the all accommodating qualities of this timeless color? Contrast the wall colors with bright and rich colored accessories or team up with even muted tones like greys and you will still have an inviting and attractive place to host friends and family in your home.

The Contemporary Pearl Grey

Add a dash of contemporary to your walls with pearl grey color. Do not underestimate the power of this tone when it comes to interior decoration. We have already seen its magic with pastel green. The color is hushed but cannot be overlooked. The combination of a grey sofa against the backdrop of pearl grey wall adds a sophisticated charm to this cozy sitting corner. 

The Warm Light Pink

Pink can conjure up many tones with varied effects on its surroundings. A light pink is just the tone for warm and charming room ambiance. Be it any style of interiors, classic country and rustic to ultra modern and industrial, a palette of light pinks is a versatile option for any room in the house. This is a sure shot trendy color of 2017.

The Natural Green

Green is the color of nature and is considered one of the most soothing colors. With so many shades of green in nature, it is hardly surprising why green with a touch of yellow on the kitchen walls provides a sense of calm and harmony. The color has a soothing effect on the mind and soul and a pastel shade combined with the natural brown of the furniture makes this a deserving color trend of 2017.

Stimulating Yellow

Yellow is the color of awakening and energy. It invokes a certain sense of enthusiasm and refreshment. Use this trendy color of 2017 in any room to make it a charming space of the house. Yellow blends well with any color of furnishing be it bright and loud tones like pinks and indigos or earthy colors like browns. 

The Unique Grey

We are convinced that grey in all its tones is the color to follow in 2017. The color imparts a modern touch to the walls with its uniqueness and warmth. Not a color for everyone, but surely a standout, this dark grey wall with similar color sofa and contrast brown leather chair is such a different and modern approach to interior colors. 

The Maritime Blue

We conclude the list of trendy wall colors of 2017 with this special shade of blue. With a mix of green, turquoise and dark blue, martime blues are absolutely stunning. If you will, paint all walls of a room with these shades of just one signature wall and you can see every other piece of accessory shine against the wall. Be it the kids' room or the kitchen wall, you cannot go wrong with this color.

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