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Container House—A Promising Alternative

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Owning a home is a dream of many. The biggest cities in the world, however are also faced with the problem of affordable housing for their residents. Real estate prices in any major city of the world are mind boggling and out of reach for most people.  With such cost deterrent, there is a growing support for alternative housing ideas and container houses offer a promising solution. Whether you want to buy your first home or a second home in the suburbs or even a vacation home far away from the city, a container house is worth looking at. Houses made from used ship containers are not a novelty but still not a norm as well. Used ship containers are an excellent alternative to mainstream homes as they are cheap, eco-friendly and take up no time to set up compared to regular constructed homes. Buying a container house can actually be a win-win both for the buyer as well as local governing bodies.

Container cost: The cost of a used container can vary from HK$140,000 to HK$250,000 depending on the size and condition (whether used or as good as new). You are most likely to find only used containers and not brand new ones for purpose of setting up a home.

Insulation: Ship containers are designed as lightweight containers made of corrosion-resistant steel and coating of protective paint/varnish. In order to make a container livable, it needs to be insulated and multi-glazed which can cost form HK$40,000 to HK$100,000 per container.

Where can a container be placed: National and local laws vary across countries regarding where the containers can be placed. It is therefore, best to understand the local rules and regulations about, where, what size and for how long can containers be placed in an area.

The Used Container

Most merchant companies sell off their old used containers which are then converted and upcycled by designers and architects to housing units. Not all used shipping containers though are fit to be converted as, once procured from shipping companies, the containers need to be insulated, glazed with new paint and redesigned to make them habitable for families. Once you are well versed with the local laws about a container house, you can buy containers from these companies.

Stacked Units

Containers stack up really well and that is one of the reasons for their popularity as alternative homes. Lively colors and unique placement of the four containers makes this house a standout from the rest. This house is a perfect example of a clever and practical design, not to forget, it is cheap and quick. With thoughtful interiors that include, wooden floor, just enough furniture and ideal ventilation, this house is no less than any other.

Small And Functional

This house is compact and oh so functional! It has a full fledged kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and even a balcony on the first floor, while the wash area down below consists of the wash basin and washing machine tucked in neatly together. The two floors are connected by a filigree staircase that opens up to the outdoor sitting area above. Glass facade on the first floor adds to the elegant look of this lovely container house.

A Furnished Micro Apartment

This single 20 feet long container has been intelligently converted into a cozy comfortable home. Within a total area of 13 square meters is a living room, bedroom and a even an integrated workspace! When it feels like, hop on to the terrace to enjoy the outdoors or close up the door (that also serves as a mini porch) and move the container to a new surrounding when needed. Low maintenance and mobile, now that's what the future of homes should look like.

Low Cost Housing Solution

This is Containerdorf, a very special project in Berlin. On first look, it may not seem very appealing because of its rusted exteriors, but it certainly has habitable interiors. The containers are made of Corten Steel which is highly durable and, sturdy and provides ideal insulation in any climate. The Containerdorf provides budget friendly accommodation to students starting from single rooms to two room flats along with living room and balcony options. 

Home With A Difference

If living in a container is something you cannot imagine, then maybe this charming little house will change your perception. There is nothing that does not appeal to us about this container home in South Korea. The large sized windows, glass doors and tiny staircase to the first floor are so elegant and yet so practical. Minimalist furnishings and functional living spaces make this a worthy standard housing option everywhere.

Container homes may bring images of low cost or slum housing, but sustainable practices and ever growing demand for affordable homes are making container houses more popular. As designers and architects work with containers and offer practical and innovative container house concepts, the attitude towards this alternative is changing rapidly. 

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