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7 great ideas for path through the garden!

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Garden paths are not only super-practical because they help us to get from one point in the garden to another without getting our feet wet; they can also be real style statements, completing the chic harmonious look of our garden space. Lately, the landscape architects have been increasingly opting for garden designs that include a graceful & practical pathway through the garden, properly made of stone, wood, gravel or concrete, or a mixture of these.  These paths add a functional finesse, thereby enhancing the exterior aspect manifolds.

Today, at homify, let us walk through 7 brilliant ideas for garden paths that are poised, plentifully practical, and of course, true eye-catchers that will enrich every garden. Designed in different styles- modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, etc., these ideas will definitely inspire you to get yours modified. Curious? Here we go!

1. Wood on gravel.

Cost-effective as well as functional & easy on the eyes, the idea of placing wooden planks on a gravel path is a simple yet elegant one. It is easy to maintain and does a good job adding a dash of warmth in the garden.

2. ​Natural stone in the lawn.

A real country-style classic is the use of natural stone slabs in the lawn. These slabs ensure a particularly safe & dry step, more so when the lawn is wet. Also, the striking contrast between the lush green surface & the earthy tone of stone brings a dynamic, appealing charm into the garden design.

​3. Concrete slabs on the lawn.

This prim design works with the same principle as the previous one. However, concrete offers the added advantage of accentuating the contemporary look of the garden.

4. Mosaic tiles.

With mosaic tiles you can be plentifully creative in the design of the garden path, and impart a folkloric-ethnic ambiance to the garden. Be it a Moorish or Mediterranean style, the mosaic magic fill the garden area with relaxed vibes.

5. Wood on lawn.

When it comes to terrace design, wood is by far the most popular material. If you have some wooden planks left, you can create a jazzy garden path that fits perfectly into the adjoining garden, combining relaxed naturalness with cozy warmth & casual elegance.

6. Concrete for slope.

In areas with a slope, the garden path must be adapted to the terrain. In such areas, employing concrete steps is quite a stylish & practical solution that optimally complements the modern architecture of the house.

7. Illuminated, continuous concrete steps through the lawn.

This idea picks up from the previous one & takes it to a whole new level- here, the concrete steps are continuous without any green patches interrupting them, and are equipped with LED lighting that not only ensures a safe step after dark but also creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Which of these did you find the best fit for your garden?
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