7 fantastic wall covering ideas for your kitchen

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When it comes to finishing your new kitchen with a real aplomb, you have to think about how you will decorate your walls. With so many wall covering options, finishes and wall claddings to choose from, it can be difficult to select just one idea, but we have seven of the best to showcase today, to help you! Don't forget that you need to think about more than just decorative elements, as the cost and durability of your chosen finishes will be vital, given how much steam, condensation and other elemental influences will be a factor!

Your kitchen planner will, naturally, be able to advise you a little as to which style of kitchen panelling, cladding or wall decor will work best with your chosen cabinets and worktops, but personal style has to play a major role in your decision as well. Take a look at our top choices for kitchen wall cladding and see which ones really stand out to you!

1. Plastic and acrylic paints.

If you want to add a little pop of color to your kitchen, you can work with plastic or acrylic paint on the walls. These particular varieties are waterproof, fast-drying, durable and easy to clean, which makes them absolutely perfect for kitchens. Many of these paints will also have anti-mold additives as well, which are brilliant.

2. Ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles will always be very popular, in terms of kitchen wall cladding materials. This is because they are easy to care for and incredibly simple to clean, while also being able to withstand serious impact. In addition, there is a seemingly endless number of variations, styles and colors to choose from, so there will definitely be something that perfectly suits your kitchen.

3. Wood cladding.

Wood in the kitchen looks natural and cozy, creating a somewhat rustic and stylish vibe. However, it can be relatively sensitive to moisture, which means that it will need very specialist care, if it is to be used in a moisture-trap room, such as a kitchen. Regular oiling and treating will be essential and hardwood will be a better option than more permeable softwoods. 

4. Vinyl decals.

If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective wall covering for your kitchen, which will allow you to add in a little personality, removable vinyl wall decals are a superb option. The stickers are staggeringly easy to apply, need no on-going care and won't break the bank either, making them among the best cheap wall covering ideas for bad walls in the kitchen.

5. Natural stone.

There are countless varieties of natural stone that you can use on the walls in your kitchen and so many people do! This is because they give an expensive look, while also needing little in the way of continued maintenance or care. You'll find that a lot of professional kitchens make good use of natural stone, so if you want a more upmarket look, this could be for you!

6. Specialist wallpaper.

Wallpapers haven’t always been considered the ideal kitchen wall coverings, but nowadays, thanks to special varieties that are moisture-resistant, they are a natural choice! You can enjoy all manner of colors and patterns on your kitchen walls and it won't even take long to hang. Now THIS is a wonderful way to upgrade a space.

7. Glass.

Glass wall cladding is something of a modern notion and helps to protect your walls from food and cooking splashes, while also looking pretty and stylish. You can choose colored kitchen wall panels or even patterned ones, and they will totally change up the feel of a space in seconds, while also being easy to simply wipe clean, making them stain resistant.

Bonus idea: Stainless steel.

Stainless steel is relatively rare as a kitchen wall cladding option, but it combines many advantages from other alternatives! It's heat-resistant, easy to clean and looks chic and stylish, while also remaining hygienic. If you love a contemporary look, this really is worth considering!

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What to consider when choosing kitchen wall coverings?

Undoubtedly, style plays a significant role in choosing wall covering options for the kitchen. Whether you decide to go with wallpaper, glass, tiles or steel, the material and the color should match the overall design theme of the kitchen. Besides, since the kitchen is a room that attracts steam, grease and other residues from cooking, the chosen material for the wall cladding or covering should meet requirements such as being heat-resistant, washable and easy to maintain.

Choosing the right wall covering can help to transform the kitchen, giving it the desired look, whether it’s vibrant, cozy or calming, making it the perfect place for the family to hang out when preparing meals. 

Besides wall coverings, niches are an excellent idea for decorating walls.

Which of these wall ideas are you going to try?

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